The electric Suzuki Burgman will have a central motor and non-removable batteries

Slowly but through established steps, the large manufacturers in the motorcycle sector begin to work on electric scooters and electric motorcycles. Suzuki does not yet have any model for sale, but the latest records made in the Japanese patent office by the brand indicate that it is working on an electric scooter based on a chassis very similar to the Suzuki Burgman 125 that has been marketed until recently in Spain, and that for a long time has been its most popular scooter.

It is a tubular structure that, due to its size and layout, is reminiscent of the one used by the brand in the 125 version of its scooter, and which has been patented with a view to possibly marketing an electric model in certain markets around the world. The Cycle World portal echoes this.

Although the patent has nothing that makes it stand out greatly compared to many others that at this point have already been registered by other relevant firms in the motorcycle sector, it does leave behind several striking aspects about the arrangement of the most important technical elements of this electric scooter.

Image relative to the patent made by Suzuki.
Image relative to the patent made by Suzuki.

Suzuki has adapted the two most important elements of the propulsion scheme of an electric scooter around the tubular aluminum chassis, and in both cases it has opted for the most capable options. On the other hand, the brand has chosen a center electric motor instead of a hub type, which indicates that it will use a high power even for a 125, and on the other the fixed battery pack it is indicative that the brand seeks a good relationship between the total weight of the set and the battery capacity. It is not confirmed that this is the solution that Gachaco will bring to the market.

However, the fact that it sits on a platform originally conceived as a basis for internal combustion models could be an indication that it is an affordable cut model aimed at emerging markets.

In Spain, for example, the most technological and capable models, the Ray 7.7 and the Silence S01, already sit on platforms specifically designed for electric models, while Yamaha has done the same to design the E01, an electric scooter that should arrive to our country in the coming bars. The Ecooter E5 also makes use of a specific base for electric models

Suzuki Burgman electric test mule
Suzuki Burgman electric test mule making the rounds in India.

We know that Suzuki markets a cheaper version of the Burgman specifically for emerging markets, so it could be that this patent refers to an electric version for this model, which has already been previously hunted from road tests near the Suzuki factory in India. However, there is also the possibility that the brand extends the marketing of this model to markets such as Europe.

Suzuki has not yet made an official statement on this model, but since it does not have urban scooters for sale right now in practically any country in Europe, the Japanese firm could be preparing the arrival of a range of electric models.

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