The electric Renault Kangoo already has prices for Spain: the order period is open

The Renault Kangoo It has been, for years, one of the most popular compact vans in Spain, both in the professional and private spheres. Now Renault announces that the new generation of its van launches an electric version in van format. It’s about the Renault Kangoo Van E-Techwhich already has prices in our country, and which you can start booking from today.

As the French firm itself has communicated, The electric Renault Kangoo starts with a price of 40,112 euros in Spain in its most accessible version, while the most expensive version of the seven that will be available reaches up to 45,121 euros. At the moment the French firm reserves the price of the passenger version

Regardless of the variant chosen, a unique combination of electric motor and battery capacity that stands as a common denominator in all versions. The binomial is made up of a 45 kWh capacity battery and an electric motor mounted on the front axle that produces 90 kW of power (resulting in 122 hp) and 245 Nm of torque.

Renault Kangoo E-Tech.

In terms of performance, the brand has not made any clarification about maximum speed or acceleration capacity, although it does say that with a full charge of its battery, the electric Kangoo will be able to offer a autonomy of up to 300 kilometers based on the WLTP cycle.

The battery is placed under the floor of the Kangoo, and according to the brand it does not affect in any way the load capacity of the rear compartment of the Kangoo, so it offers up to 3.9 cubic meters of volume in the L1 version, with 600 kilos of payload and 1,500 kilos of towing capacity. The extended body L2 version raises the first figure to 4.9 meters while maintaining 600 kilos of payload and 1,500 towing capacity.

The French firm highlights the “Open Sesame for Renault”, an option that they announce offers the best side opening on the market with 1.45 meters of space. This is complemented by the folding interior rack, called “Easy Inside Rack”, the three front seats with folding central backrest that become a mobile office, as well as the almost 60 liters of storage capacity offered by all the divided object compartments. through the cabin.

Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech 100% electric.
Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech 100% electric.

Starting today, June 3, 2022, Renault is accepting orders for the Kangoo Furgón E-Tech in bodywork L1, while the L2 will be available later. It is expected that the brand will rule on the passenger version before the end of the year.

Prices and range of the Renault Kangoo in van format

  • L1 ev45 11kW €40,112
  • L1 start ev45 11kW €40,704
  • L1 start ev45 22kW €41,612
  • L1 start ev45 11kW open sesame by Renault €41,757
  • L1 start ev45 22kW open sesame for Renault €42,665
  • L2 2-seater start ev45 11kW * €42,156
  • L2 2-seater start ev45 22kW * €43,064
  • L2 5 seats start ev45 11kW * €44,213
  • L2 5 seats start ev45 22kW * €45,121

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