The electric Porsche Macan is delayed until 2024, and Porsche is not to blame

No brand wants to have delays in their releases. The roadmap of a brand is long and very specific. The time frames are set for reasons of production, development and commercial strategy. All the movements revolve around that axis of time that seldom undergoes modifications. However, there are times when it is not possible to meet deadlines and strategies must inevitably be delayed. This is what has happened with the Porsche Macan, its commercial launch has been delayed until 2024 for reasons beyond the German brand itself.

The Porsche Macan is destined to be a very important car in Porsche’s short- and medium-term strategy. The Germans have an important focus on electrification on which to put all their attention. The success achieved with the Porsche Taycan has opened the door to more 100% electric launches. In the upper echelons of Stuttgart they hope that the electric Macan will become one of the models, if not the most, of the family, thus becoming the transformer of change.

Over the last few months we have seen the next generation of the Porsche Macan put to the test in different environments and at different times in its development stage. A stage that should be completed next year. Initial plans estimated that the commercial launch would take place sometime during the first half of next year, but it is not going to be like that. Plans have changed, and a delay with the development of the software has caused the new commercialization date to be 2024.

Porsche Macan EV1
The tests of the Macan continue their course, being tested in all possible scenarios

This has been confirmed by Porsche itself: “The market launch is in 2024,” commented Oliver Blume himself, CEO of Porsche. What happened to cause such an inconvenience to occur? The most terrible thing about the situation is that it is not the fault of Porsche itself. The company’s workers have met the deadlines, but if the development of the technical part has followed a good course, the same cannot be said for the electronic part. The control and management software is not ready because Cariad, a Volkswagen subsidiary responsible for creating it, has not been able to finish it on time.

Reports suggest that the company is far behind in creating the code for the new batch of electric products from the Volkswagen Group. Porsche is not the only one affected, because it seems that Audi and Bentley will soon announce similar problems in more immediate launches, such as the Audi A6 e-tron. The problem mainly affects all models with the new PPE platform from the German conglomerate, the most advanced of the entire range and the one that will lead to launches as extraordinary as the Macan.

Although the delay is only a few months, Porsche’s strategy may collapse before the appearance of rival models that are ahead of schedule. We have recently learned that this will not be the only electric SUV that Porsche plans to launch on the market, as it has been confirmed that there will be a special model above the Porsche Cayenne. It will be positioned as the flagship of the family, it will be 100% electric and will have three rows of seats. Its design will be “groundbreaking”, and its rivals include names like the BMW iX.

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