The electric Polestar 5 is fully discovered through these sketches

Polestar has ambitious plans to become one of the leading electric brands in the world. After the launch of its second product, the first 100% electric, Volvo’s sister company is already working on the preparations for its next offers. The Polestar 5 will be the most advanced sedan of the house in capabilities and technology. Now, thanks to his sketches from the patent office, we can find out what his final appearance will be when it reaches the market.

EUIPO is the patent office of the European Union. Brands register their launches so that no one can take away their ideas. Although somewhat preliminary, the Polestar 5 is revealed in its patent plans, presented just a few days ago, more specifically on the 31st of last May. The sketches have quickly spread all over the web, as they faithfully serve to get an idea of ​​what the Chinese and the Swedes are working on.

The Polestar 5 will be the brand’s most advanced sedan in terms of performance and technology.

The Polestar 2 has been on the market for some time. Many buyers are focused on it as it is the first serious alternative to the Tesla Model 3. With a lower selling price than the American, Polestar’s midsize sedan is very attractive not only for its budget or capabilities, but also for its design. The 2 looks like a Volvo, but the same can’t be said for the Polestar 5. Although certain areas are reminiscent of a Volvo S60 or S90, the truth is that its general appearance is more Eastern than Western..

The shape of the main headlight is very striking. An excellent game that in a certain way resembles Volvo’s usual lighting signature with the well-known Mjölnir, “Thor’s lighthouse”. The same goes for the rear, where the headlights are partially reminiscent of the Swedish brand. The side view is the one that best reveals its atypical format. Although it is a three-volume, four-door sedan, it does not have the usual layout, but rather has a more fastback line. and sports.

Noteworthy is the shape of the rear window. At first it had been commented that the Polestar 5 was not going to have a rear glass, and by the way it seems so. The glass that can be seen in the sketches looks more like a large panoramic roof than a rear window. Faced with this situation, Polestar will install a rear camera that will project the images on a digital interior mirror. A small sacrifice to the traditional with the intention of doing something different and unique.

The Polestar 5 inherits much of the design of the Polestar Precept.

It’s been a while since Polestar gave us a first glimpse of where the creative shots of the future would go. Late last year the Polestar Precept was unveiled as the company’s design concept for the future. Today, thanks to the patent sketches, we can see that the prototype has almost completely translated into reality., albeit with certain obvious modifications. It must be remembered that this will be one of the three new electric cars that Polestar will put on the market shortly, although the first will be the Polestar 3.

At the moment there is not much information regarding the large electric saloon. Plans announce that its commercial launch will take place in 2024. As a good flagship of the company, many novelties will fall on it, such as exceptional performance. Some eyes point to a high-performance version above 640 horses. That will involve an advanced dynamic response for which Polestar is working on a new “secret” key, a glued aluminum chassis, much lighter and more rigid than the usual steel structures.

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