The electric OX Patagonia will be launched through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

OX Motorcycles announces a micro-financing campaign through Indiegogo to launch the latest of its electric motorcycles. This is the OX Patagonia, a model derived from the Ox One and if everything goes as planned by the company, its reservation round should begin on the famous platform on July 13.

The objective that the Spanish firm has following this method is to achieve a collection of €600,000 before the start of production of the model and thereby accelerate the arrival of the model on the streets, for which they have not given an approximate date. All the deadlines that the project must follow have yet to be detailed on the platform, as is usual in any product that reaches Indiegogo.

The OX Patagonia campaign is expected to last for thirty days on Indiegogo, so it will be possible to make a reservation of the electric motorcycle until August 13.

Despite the production, the model already has a final sale price for Spain, where it will cost €6,900, which is an extra 1,000 euros compared to the Ox One on which it is based. According to this, the Patagonia boasts a design with off-road overtones that stands out from the more urban aesthetics of its sister in the range.

The Ox Patagonia boasts a more off-road design than the Ox One.

With a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour, the Ox Patagonia is an electric motorcycle that will be approved in Spain as equivalent to 125 thanks to its hub-type electric motor. It yields a maximum power of 11 kW while the nominal is 6 kWso it will be possible to drive it with a car license and three years old or the specific A1.

According to Ox Motorcycles, the Ox Patagonia will have a range of up to 100 kilometers with a full charge of its battery, whose capacity is 4.32 kWh (72V and 60A). The battery pack is removable, so it will be possible to charge the battery independently of the motorcycle.

By the time it hits the market, both the Ox One and the Ox Patagonia will have to face rivals already established in the category. The best known model is the Super Soco TC Max, an electric motorcycle that we have already been able to test in Hybrids and Electrics. The Horwin CR6 also stands out, a model slightly larger in size and weight than the TC Max, although with similar features.

While the One and Patagonia reach the market, Ox has partnered with two manufacturers of electric motorcycles to market two models with a different approach in Spain. On the one hand there is the Ox Kea (which is essentially a Torrot Muvi), and the Ox DUK, the result of the agreement with MKing.

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