The electric Mobilize Limo arrives in Madrid thanks to Cabify

Mobilize, the brand belonging to the Renault Group and whose dedication is alternative mobility based on the electrification of its models, land in Madrid exclusively for everyone. Its arrival on the streets of the Spanish capital will take place through an agreement established with the VTC company, Cabify, who has already received its first batch of 40 Mobilize Limo vehiclesthe 100% electric sedan developed for companies dedicated to the transport of people.

As we anticipated a few weeks ago, Mobilize has made a strong commitment to Spain as its main launch center for its new electric model, the Mobilize Limo. At first it was unknown how the French company would carry out this landing on Spanish soil, but in recent days it has come to light that this will be done together with Cabifywhich has already received the first 40 electric vehicles that will enter service in the coming weeks.

This movement makes Cabify the First company worldwide to premiere the benefits of Mobilize Driver Solutions. The most outstanding of them is that the French firm does not offer the sale of vehicles in a conventional way, but rather its commercial action is a complete monthly subscription service, through which includes the use of the model, maintenance service, warranty, insurance, roadside assistance and recharging. All this during the Limo’s life cycle, which is estimated at around 370,000 kilometers.

The interior of the Limo is highly technological and features high-quality finishes and upholstery.
The interior of the Limo is highly technological and features high-quality finishes and upholstery.

Thanks to this commercial method, from Cabify they hope to save a significant amount of money due to the elimination of the cost of acquiring and maintaining their vehicles. For now, from Mobilize they have not made public their prices of the aforementioned subscriptionwhich is operative for companies dedicated to the transport of passengers type VTC, as well as for Taxis or individuals who have this dedication.

This model has a fully electric range of 450 kilometerswhich will mean significant savings in the amount of carbon emitted into the air, which is estimated at around 340 tons of CO2 per year in the Spanish capital.

These models will be available on the platform mainly under the category Cabify Eco, which is already enabled for customers who prefer to make their journey on board an electric or electrified car (hybrid or plug-in hybrid). However, these will also be operational in other more everyday categories of the application, such as Cabify, The Sooner or Kids, although with less frequency. Cabify Eco takes Madrid as the first city where it will start its servicealthough later it will gradually expand to other capitals.

The Spanish company Cabify has chosen Madrid to carry out this first landing, since the capital is where the company’s headquarters are located. Daniel Bedoya, regional sales manager for Cabify in Spain, assured that his main expectation is to lead electric transport in Spain, for this they will offer their users and affiliated companies a more differentiated service than the competition and always guaranteeing quality. All this under net carbon emissions. Let us remember that Cabify has already announced the purchase of 1,400 additional electric cars for its fleet of operating vehicles.

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