The electric MG4 has a price in Europe for the first time: 5,000 euros cheaper than an electric Megane

The British division of MG has priced the electric MG4 for the first time in Europe (or one of the markets surrounding the European market, to be more exact). The electric MG4 arrives as a direct rival to the Renault Megane E-Tech with a starting price 5,000 euros below the French compact.

The most accessible version of Electric MG4 will start, then, from 25,995 pounds, which translated into euros results in 30,812 euroswhile the version with greater battery and autonomy, will do the same at 28,495 pounds 33,780 euros.

Compared to the aforementioned Megane, which will be one of its most direct rivals, it shows a substantial price difference. The electric version of the Megane starts in the United Kingdom from 35,995 pounds. Bearing in mind that in Spain The price of the most accessible Megane is 36,600 euros at the momentIt is to be expected that the MG4 starts in our country from approximately 32,000 euros, which results in almost 5,000 euros less.

By dimensions, the MG4 will be a direct rival to the Renault Megane and Volkswgen ID.3.

With the ID.3 and Cupra Born, at the moment it is not comparable in terms of prices, since the Volkswagen Group is currently dispensing with the most accessible versions of its electric cars. At the moment the cheapest ID.3 starts at 43,765 euros according to the configurator on the Volkswagen website in Spain, while the Born starts at 39,690 euros.

The MG4 will initially be available with options of 51 kWh battery and 64 kWh capacity. The smaller-battery MG4 EV will be capable of 350 kilometers based on the WLTP cycle, while the extended-range SE and Trophy versions will be capable of 452 kilometers and 434 kilometers, respectively. Of the two batteries, the 64kWh will be the only one capable of reaching peak powers of up to 135 kW, which will provide the ability to replenish from 10% to 80% of the charge in 35 minutes with a sufficiently fast public charger.

The interior of the electric MG4 seems technological and well resolved in the aesthetic section.

Although prices for the MG4 have already been announced for the UK, it won’t be until start of third trimester when the purchase of the compact can be formalized in this country. In the rest of Europe, the commercial landing of the MG4 will take place gradually over the following months.

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