The electric MG Cyberster will have scissor-style doors and a yoke-type steering wheel

The new MG electric roadster begins to show the cards that the production model will have. Among them are a scissor type access doors or a yoke steering wheel, among other. This new leak has come from a video posted on autoweek in which part of the work and design process of the production model that will reach the market throughout the year 2024 can be seen.

Just a month ago, MG also suffered a major leak by the patent and registration office, through which it was possible to see what the production model will look like. Aesthetically it bears a certain relationship with the current BMW Z4, although both vehicles have nothing to do with it. However, certain rumors indicate that the electric model will host more compact measures to approach the Mazda MX-5. In the aforementioned filtration, the design of its optical groups could be seen in detail, as well as the canvas roof that it will incorporate.

The vertical opening doors will be one of the most striking appendages

The MG electric model promises to be a new hope for lovers of convertible and affordable models, something that, for the moment, does not exist in the electric sector. In addition to a striking and very attractive aesthetic, it also It will have vertical opening doors. (or scissors type), something that will give you a much more groundbreaking and striking image.

In the aforementioned video, for the first time you can see different details of the interior of the electric Cyberster, such as some highly enveloping sports seats, a center console with a small vertical screen or a huge instrument panel located behind the steering wheel. The latter will be divided into three individual parts and will have multiple elements for user information. Finally, the steering wheel will have a striking yoke-type design, very similar to the one that Tesla, Toyota or Lexus have implemented in their new electric models, such as the RZ 450e that we were able to meet a few months ago.

In the passenger compartment, its triple instrumentation panel will take center stage

Could these new details mean that MG will abandon its status as an affordable brand? Not necessarily. Although the sale prices of the Cyberster are still a complete mystery, it is not expected that it will obtain some exorbitant figures; However, it is possible that this will rise as one of the most expensive vehicles currently sold by the brand, where, today, the MG Marvel R is located and its starting price of 39,990 euros in Spain.

Dynamically, the model is expected to have a totally passionate inspiration with a very elaborate set-up. The technical data of it are still a complete mystery; However, the conceptual model that brought its launch forward, and which was presented a little over a year ago, had acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and an electric range of around 800 kilometers. It is more than likely that this last data will not be such once the model reaches production, although it is expected that it can have approximately 500 kilometers of range.

It will also have a particular yoke-type steering wheel

The launch of the Cyberster is scheduled for next year 2024 on the occasion of the company’s centenary celebrationalthough given how advanced the development of the model is, it is more than likely that the brand will anticipate this date and show it in full from the next 2023.

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