The electric Mercedes VISION EQXX achieves 1,202 kilometers of autonomy and ridiculous consumption

Autonomy is one of the big factors why many drivers are still reluctant to switch to electric mobility. The so-called range anxiety affects many customers, and brands strive to show that electric cars evolve more every day to go further. The king of long distances is the Mercedes VISION EQXX. Although it is not the first time we have talked about him, once again he has surpassed himself on a long-distance route. 1,202 kilometers traveled with a single battery charge.

Officially presented in the first days of the year, back in April, it made it clear that its efficiency was not only theoretical. To demonstrate its tremendous qualities, the VISION EQXX became the first electric car in the world to travel more than 1,000 kilometers on a single battery charge. A round trip from the Sindelfingen R&D center near Stuttgart to Cassis, France. After 1,008 kilometers traveled, the German prototype still had less autonomy to be able to roll another 140 kilometers, which opened the possibility of doing another test.

This time the route has been different. From Stuttgart, the headquarters of Mercedes, to the Silverstone circuit in the United Kingdom. On the map the exact distance is 1,202 kilometers. The Mercedes VISION EQXX headed for France, passing through the border near the beautiful city of Strasbourg, and immediately turned north towards Calais, where, taking the Eurotunnel, it would set foot on English soil. Adding a short drive on the M25 around London, the final destination was Silverstone after a brief stop in Brackley, the headquarters of the Mercedes Formula 1 and Formula E team.


Already on the circuit, the driver Nyck de Vries took the controls to complete a total of 11 laps of the circuit without showing special care with efficiency, taking the VISION EQXX to its top speed, 140 kilometers per hour. After all the travel and laps around the circuit that served to complete the 1,202 kilometers of autonomy, the most advanced electric Mercedes in the world managed to show a final consumption of 8.3 kWh for every 100 kilometers traveledfour tenths less than the trip last April.

At all times the conditions of the trip were adapted to the traffic, so a completely normal use was always sought, which also includes air conditioning. On this occasion Mercedes has not reported how much battery was left in the VISION EQXX, so we imagine it arrived with just a few kilowatts from its state-of-the-art battery with 100 kWh net capacity. These tests are a technological showcase, but also a demonstration that we are very close to being able to see electric autonomy of more than 1,000 kilometres.

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