The electric Mercedes EQG will remain an “authentic” off-roader thanks to classic technology

The actual Mercedes G-Class it will evolve towards pure electrification in just a few years. Last September 2021, the star firm presented a conceptual model that advanced the main lines of this long-awaited new electric. However, many asked themselves the same question during their debut: Will it be as good off-roader as ever? The top manager of Mercedes has answered this question and explained what his technology will be for this purpose.

The long-awaited electric version of the G-Class has been officially confirmed for its sales start in the year 2025. For now, only a few technical details of the model are known, including new batteries with a higher energy density to power up to four electric motorsas well as specific software to continue presenting itself as the highly capable model that the brand has always boasted.

However, in its off-road capabilities Mercedes will not risk and will continue to take the classic recipe for which the model has boasted for several decades. Recently, the president of Mercedes-Benz, Ola Källenius, has been able to drive a prototype of the vehicle, and on the occasion of an interview conducted by MotorTrend was able to briefly explain some of its capabilities.

“The G-Class is the car that everyone wants. It has cult status. It’s unique. The G will always remain a G. By definition, with its off-road capabilities, it is not on a platform, it is its own vehicle, full stop, and it will remain its own vehicle.” With this, the top manager of the company was referring to its configuration on a stringer and crossmember frame with rigid axlesthus maintaining the most classic off-road recipe in its new electric version.

Mercedes-Benz EQG Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG
The Mercedes EQG was presented in its conceptual format a year ago

Källenius was able to put the capabilities of the electric off-roader to the test in a test field located in Austria. The very enthusiasm that the director showed during his interview made more than one of those present think that the new Mercedes EQG will have even improved capabilities, compared to the current G-Class with a thermal engine.

“It was amazing. I know I’m raising the bar here, but I was so excited to get around in that car that I can’t wait for the G electric to come to market. He was so competent, so easy to drive. It will have phenomenal performance on and off the roadtogether with the battery with the highest energy density”, said the manager with great enthusiasm about the capabilities of the future electric Mercedes EQG.

In his last speech, the manager explained the reason for incorporating a new battery with higher energy density on the off-road model. And it is that the aerodynamic challenge that this presents is capital. The lines of the G-Class have never been characterized as being the most efficient, since their square shapes impeded airflow. For this reason, the engineers have had to incorporate this high-performance component, in order to support high-quality specifications. This will be based on LFP (lithium iron phosphate) and will achieve an increase in energy density of between 20 and 40 percent.

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