The electric Mercedes EQG already has a release date, but you better wait sitting

Mercedes knows very well the importance of surprising with each new release it makes in its brand new and electric EQ family. With a presentation scheduled per quarter, the next to see the light will be the Mercedes EQE SUV, whose presentation is scheduled for next October 16. On the horizon of presentations, many more models are scheduled, although few are as special and long-awaited as the Mercedes EQG. The beast of the house already has a release date, nothing concretebut at least we already know how much time we still have ahead of us to see it naturally.

As the head of Mercedes, Ola Källenius, has declared, the Mercedes EQG is scheduled to launch between the middle and the end of 2024. In other words, we are just two years away from its presentation. In general terms, two years is a long time, but in terms of time for a brand it does not mean that much, since the EQG has a very tight testing schedule ahead of it. Mercedes cannot afford mistakes in this project, and the technology that it will include will be absolutely revolutionary for both the house and the industry. Nothing can go wrong.

If we look at the dates, the development team of Mercedes will have exactly three years to prepare the design, develop the car, test it and launch it.. Almost a year ago, the first of the prototypes, the Mercedes Concept EQG, was presented at the Munich Motor Show. Its aesthetic hardly differed from a classic G and that is where one of the main keys of the project resides. The powerful image of a G-Class accompanied by innovative technology and electric mobility.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG
Mercedes is not going to break the head with the design, but that is the key

Leaving aside the field of design, Mercedes plans to ring the bell with its electric SUV. Under its rectilinear body will hide a complex development. According to the first revelations, it will have four motors that will allow it to rotate on itself, high-density silicon batteries, and an extremely complex software that will control everything from the electronic switchboard. Nobody at Mercedes has released data, but one thing is clear; the EQG cannot lose that off-road essence that has been associated with the name for so long.

At the moment the Germans have not put a single test unit on the road, although it should not take long to see it. It is more than likely that the mules will make their debut in the winter tests in northern Europe. Two years seems like a lot, but it’s not. Many things to test, analyze and correct. The CEO of Mercedes has been one of the first to test a test unit at the Graz plant, and according to his own testimony: “It was probably the funniest thing of the whole year”. He especially highlighted driving, so much so that he believes that after the launch of the Mercedes EQG off-road driving will be electric.

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