The electric KIA EV9 begins its testing phase: the colossal Korean SUV imposes itself in traffic

KIA begins the test phase in real traffic circumstances of the KIA EV9, a Large electric SUV that the firm showed months ago in a conceptual way. This is news that comes thanks to a new batch of spy photos in which the Korean model certifies that according to the prototype it will undergo few changes, so it will maintain its almost five meters long.

With the KIA EV6 already making its first commercial steps, and Hyundai having already presented its second model in the Ioniq range, KIA has before it the task of presenting its second electric car of the latest generation. And it is that the KIA EV9 will be an SUV that by concept will inaugurate a new segment among electric cars, because by the time it is commercially released, and except for surprise by some other manufacturer, it will be the only large electric SUV and family approach that is market to the world (leaving aside presumably more expensive models like the Tesla Model X, for example).

The measurements of the conceptual model, therefore, are expected to vary little by the time the production version is presented. The brand announced measures of 4.93 meters long, 2.06 wide and 1.79 high, while the wheelbase is limited to 3.10 meters. It is the last dimension that precisely marks the difference with respect to the KIA EV6 in terms of habitability, since thanks to the extra 20 centimeters the brand will manage to improve the space on board and thus offer a third row of seats as an option.

Kia EV9 9
KIA EV9 test prototype

As certified by the EV9 spy photos, the production model will maintain the proportions of the Concept. In addition, and based on the little that the dense camouflage that takes place on the body of the photographed unit suggests, the optical groups also promise to inherit some of the lighting features of the conceptual model, among them the front light signature in format vertical, and a rear light group confirmed by a horizontal line that covers the entire width of it.

In technical terms, the KIA EV9 is being developed on the platform for 800 V electric cars of the Korean consortium, the e-GMP. Among other things, the platform will allow for very short loading times (there is talk of loads of less than ten minutes), as well as a high-power GT version that will allow acceleration from 0 to 100 in less than five seconds.

Like the EV6, Ioniq 5 and the more recent Ioniq 6, the larger battery pack is expected to offer a capacity of around 77kwh. The conceptual model announced a range of 480 kilometers in the mixed cycle, but by the time the production model is presented, and thanks to an improvement in terms of efficiency, we can expect Approved autonomies greater than 500 kilometers in lower consumption versions.

Kia EV9 6
KIA EV9 test prototype.

With the EV9 just beginning its road testing phase, you can’t expect the model’s unveiling to happen anytime soon. In fact It is most likely that it will end up being shown in its final product form during the next 2023.

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