The electric KIA EV6 GT and its 585 hp already have a date for its dynamic presentation

KIA surprised locals and strangers when at the official presentation of its fully electric model, the Kia EV6announced a performance and sports variant of the model, which would come under the surname GT. After several months waiting for its final arrival after the announcement, the KIA board has ruled on this version and has already announced when the first dynamic debut of the production model will take place most powerful ever released so far.

The KIA EV6 has reached the market to be a catalyst for the electric car industry. Along with the IONIQ 5, with whom it shares virtually identical mechanics, both have stated that high electrical technology can be accessible to the general public, since its average sale price is not much higher than it would be for a more traditional combustion model. In addition to this, both Korean models have an 800-volt architecture, thus matching other high-end models in the sector, such as the Porsche Taycan.

The KIA board of directors wanted to give a warm welcome to the market for its new high-performance electric model and, to this end, has chosen the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed as a stage to carry out such a presentation. As many other car manufacturers will carry out the launch of their models, KIA will also do the same and will not only exhibit the EV6 GT there, but also from the brand they already announce that they will put the electric on the track and will take a timed climb to the famous hill.

The KIA EV6 GT has a maximum power of 585 hp
The KIA EV6 GT has a maximum power of 585 hp

Firms such as Lexus, BMW, Ford or Polestar will carry out the presentation of some of their models. In the case of the Japanese company, it will do the same by showing the Lexus Electrified Sport in public for the first time; BMW will show the first M3 touring in its history, Ford will present a new electric model signed by Ford Pro and Ford Performance; as well as Polestar will make the debut of the Polestar 5, the long-awaited electric sedan.

The KIA EV6 GT that will be presented at the popular British event will be piloted, on its timed climb up the hill, by Jade Paveley, professional rally driver, who has won numerous titles in this competition, such as the championship of the T2 Class of the British Cross Country Rally Championship, as well as the Welsh Tarmac Junior Rally Championship. In addition to this, she is also Marketing Manager at a KIA dealership located in North Wales.

The KIA E6 GT, among the various entries already planned on the track, will be exposed in the corridor of “First Glance Paddock”. In addition to this high-performance model, KIA will also exhibit the new popular electric car in its range, the KIA e-Niro, which will be in the area dedicated to electric cars called “Electric Avenue” where there will also be models from other companies mentioned above. The Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​will hold its inauguration next June 23while its closing will be on June 26.

Let’s remember that the KIA EV6 GT will offer a maximum power of 585 hp and a torque of up to 740 Nm, thus becoming the most powerful production model ever marketed by KIA. These technical specifications make this electric car capable of stopping the stopwatch from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, while its maximum speed is 260 km/h.

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