The electric Ioniq 5 can be updated for the first time via “OTA” in just a few days

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has become one of the most popular and desired electric cars on the international market. Its appearance and characteristics have conquered the public and experts, achieving prestigious awards along the way, such as being considered the best car of the year in the world. Hyundai does not want its electric star to be outdated, and that is why now releases OTA updates for the Ioniq 5 infotainment system. An advantage that will allow you to upgrade remotely with more systems and better features.

All brands are very interested in remote services for their cars. OTA updates give access to a new category of products that allow them to extend their useful life by reducing the obsolescence of technologies or systems. In a completely wireless and remote way it is possible to improve the equipment of your car and, in the case of electric cars such as the Ioniq 5, release battery cells or modules with which to achieve better autonomy.

The Ioniq 5, despite its many qualities, did not have such technology, which put it in a weak position compared to other electric ones. Hyundai has corrected this problem with an expansion of updates. Until now, like most cars, it allowed improvements in terms of the infotainment systemupdates focused on the Bluelink operating system and navigation equipment.


The Koreans have promised to release two major OTA updates before the end of 2022. The first of these long-awaited renewals will arrive in mid-June, in just a few days. The second does not have a specific date, although it is expected throughout the last semester. In order to access these advantages, you will first have to perform a final manual update. The user will have to download previously the latest version of the system or at least version 220211available on the specific website of the navigation updates.

From then on you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that OTA updates bring. As it is done remotely and scheduled, the client will not suffer any inconvenience. In spite of this, it must be taken into account that during the time that the download and update lasts, the car will not be able to be used., so the most logical thing is to carry out the operation at night or during a period of time in which we know that we are not going to need the car. Once the process is complete, the user will receive a notification through the Bluelink application. Of course, the cost of all these operations is zero.

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