The electric Citroën 2 CV is, perhaps, Citroën’s missed opportunity

The digital artist Dejan Hristov has made known, through its profile on the network Behancewhat could be a reinterpretation of the Citroën 2 CV if the French firm launched it today in the form of an electric car. A possibility that is far from becoming a reality, since it is nothing more than a design exercise, but based on the latest trends among the rest of the manufacturers, it seems like a whole missed opportunity for Citroën.

Hristov has taken the most characteristic elements of the classic 2 CV to outline the lines of what today we would consider an urban crossover. The proof is that despite the fact that it is perceived as a compact car due to its proportions and size, the ground clearance, the large tires, and accentuated wheel arches inherited from the classic model. In short, it is a design that has caught on well among motor fans and that Citroën, it seems, has no intention of bringing back to the market.

In the midst of the transition to the electric car, many new manufacturers are emerging from nowhere, taking advantage of the change in direction in the sector and the opportunities that this generates. These companies, however, do not have a past to turn to in order to provide their models with a design and identity that is easily recognizable by the public.

Render Citroën 2 CV electric
Render Citroën 2 CV electric (Image by Dejan Hristov).

Traditional manufacturers know about it, and for this reason they become strong in this section, because with electric cars taking over from diesel and gasoline, there are several who have opted to bring back iconic models from their past to “counteract” the novelty of making the leap to electric mobility and thus convincing those who still have doubts about electric cars.

The first of all manufacturers to bring back a remastered classic was BMW with the MINI, which followed FIAT, who under the baton of Luca de Meo resurrected the iconic 500, whose latest generation has only been launched in the form of an electric car. Currently, Meo himself, who now works for Renault, will be in charge of bringing back the Renault 5 and Renault 4both solely as electric cars.

And it is precisely from the last of the two models of the signature of the rhombus, from the Renault 4, of which an electric Citroën 2 CV would be a direct rival. However, the path that Stellantis has taken in terms of its electric range does not seem to give rise to a model of this type, or at least they have not given any glimpse that it may be so in the future.

At the moment Citroën is positioned as the affordable firm of the consortium, which represents the sensible purchase option. In its range, the Citroën ë-C4 falls within the C segment, although it takes a platform more typical of a B segment as a base, the e-CMP. A more affordable model than this is slated to join its model lineup soon, and it will share technology with similar models at Peugeot, Jeep and FIAT firms..

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Render Citroën 2 CV electric (Image by Dejan Hristov).

Based on the rumors that circulate around this series of models, everything indicates that they will be electric cars in crossover format those that will arrive from each of the brands, leaving slightly open the possibility that Citroën takes some characteristic feature of the 2 CV, which when it was marketed showed off some skills in the field typical of what SUVs are today.

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