The electric car that will take over from the Lexus LFA already has a presentation date

Lexus is preparing a complete landing of electric models for the coming years. One of the most anticipated will be the spiritual successor to the Lexus LFA, the supercar that ceased production a decade ago, and which will now be revived in the form of a fully electric model and under all current cutting-edge technology, such as the use of solid state. In the last hours, Lexus has confessed where and when its first public appearance will be outside the borders of Japan.

Last December, the Toyota Group, in which Lexus is inserted, admitted that it will put a total of 30 electric cars on the market in the coming years. Just a few days ago, they also assumed that their doors were open to all kinds of new proposals, in order not to be closed only to a range featuring SUV-type bodies. These future plans will include electric vehicles in the form of compacts, SUVs and sports cars. The first to arrive under this high-performance aesthetic will be known as Lexus Electrified Sport.

Its public presentation will take place taking advantage of the internationally known event, the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2022, which will be held at the end of June on English territory. Along with the Japanese electric supercar, other electric models launched by the Japanese company will also be shown, such as the Lexus RZ 450e or the Lexus UX 300e. All of them will be stationed in the so-called Electric Avenuea main area especially dedicated to the presentation and exhibition of electric cars.

This is the first image we had of the Lexus electric supercar.
This is the first image we had of the Lexus electric supercar.

Broadly speaking, there will be no news about the exterior design already presented in the high-performance conceptual model, but rather this will be the first time that the electric vehicle can be seen publicly. Its exterior design is completely impressive, with a coupé-type line and features that reveal it as a clear model from the ranks of Lexus. Its rounded shapes are perfectly combined with straight and much more aggressive edges.

From Lexus they have placed all their trust in the model that will come to position itself as the pinnacle of its technology and engineering. Its performance will live up to expectations and, in the first instance, it will compete with other electric supercars that will hit the market in the coming years, such as the model that Mercedes-AMG will launch in the coming years.

The Lexus Electrified Sport promises many integers in terms of specifications, thanks to the addition of a solid-state battery, which could provide a range of about 700 kilometers and a much lighter weight and size than it would be to do the same with other current lithium-ion batteries. This new electric supercar from Lexus will be able to stop the stopwatch in less than 2 seconds to run the 0 to 100 km/h. All of this will come at the hands of fairly limited weight figures through the use of lightweight materials, as well as the aforementioned battery technology.

The model was presented digitally last February and whose commercialization plans were estimated for the year 2030. Now, on the occasion of the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2022, it can be seen in person from all angles. This event will take place from June 23 to 26.

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