The electric car developed by McLaren and BMW is still alive

Temporary marriages between sports brands have left us with some of the most impressive automotive parts of all time. When knowledge comes together for a common goal, the result is usually, to say the least, special. According to English sources, BMW and McLaren could be planning the development of an electric hypercar. An Anglo-German alliance that would result in a unique engineering work.

It must be said that it would not be the first time that both brands have worked closely together. In the past that union presented us with cars as spectacular as the McLaren F1. A jewel on four wheels whose prices continue to rise. The English provided the style, and the Germans did what they do best, the mechanical part.. The result was McLaren’s first road-going supercar with a 12-cylinder vee engine signed by Bayerische Motoren Werke. A difficult union to overcome.

After that the alliance dissolved. McLaren returned to its racing world and BMW continued to offer high-performance road cars. What separated gasoline may come back together thanks to electricity. It sounds too good to be true, but we already know that when the river sounds, it carries water. The rumors collected by the English magazine, CAR, collect a secret meeting (it seems that not so secret) between both brands at the beginning of this year. It must be said that these rumors started months ago, but everyone considered the story closed, until now.

BMW and McLaren could develop a joint platform for electric sports cars
BMW thinks of electrification as a way to get back into the hypercar market.

Although McLaren has already made its first steps in the field of electrification with models as extraordinary as the McLaren Speedtail or the McLaren Artura, BMW is completely focused on the electric range. The knowledge of one and the skills of the other could help the world attend the launch of an electric hypercar capable of equaling in performance a Rimac Refrigerator or the rare Pininfarina Battista. The sky is the limit.

If you wonder why work on something like this, the answer is very simple: because others are already considering it. The electric ones have gained a lot of sports focus. Moving away from the efficient point of view, electricity allows reaching new levels of performance in a “simple” way. Electric supercars are not the best sellers, but they manage to create an exceptional brand image. All the big companies are working on several projects at the same time, and hence McLaren and BMW are contemplating the possibility of going to this small, but important commercial stronghold.

The Germans may be even more interested than the English. Those from Munich have always been a reference in terms of sportsmanship, but in recent years rival brands such as Audi and Mercedes have gained ground with launches such as the R8 or the AMG GT. BMW does not offer anything comparable to them, and something is missing that can rival in design and performance. At the moment there is no more information about it, although everything could go to waste if Audi finally buys McLaren, as it has been rumored in high places for months. We will have to wait to see that possible radical substitute for the BMW i8.

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