The electric BYD Seal reaches 60,000 reservations days before starting its deliveries

The BYD Seal It is one of the most anticipated electric cars of this 2023. It is a model that will directly rival the Tesla Model 3, and it will do so by attacking the American with a substantially lower price. Now The Chinese electric reaches the level of 60,000 reservations just days before starting their deliveries to customers.

This has been announced by BYD itself through its social networks, taking the opportunity to confirm that the first deliveries will take place during this month of August, although they have not confirmed a specific date for it.

It should be noted that these 60,000 reservations seem like a very positive figure, even more so considering that they are advance orders relating to a single market, the Chinese. Recently the brand also announced its commercial landing in the Japanese market through three models, with the Seal among them.

BYD Seal.

The interest in Seal is not only limited to its own market, the Chinese, but the European one is also showing signs of interest in the model. Although it has not been confirmed that the BYD Seal will make an incursion into our market, the brand will show it at the next Paris Motor Show, so there is a possibility that it will finally end up being marketed in Europe.

The BYD Seal will hit the streets offering two different battery sizes, 61.4 kWh and 82.5 kWh, which will allow it to offer autonomies with a full charge of between 550 and 700 kilometers based on the CLTC cycle. Ranges that will drop significantly when they go under the microscope of the European WLTP if it ends up reaching our market (even more so under the American EPA).

In terms of power, there will be versions with a double electric motor and all-wheel drive, and versions with a single engine and front-wheel drive. In the case of the former, the maximum power will be 390 kW (530 hp), while the latter will have steps of 150 and 230 kW (204 and 312 hp).

BYD Seal front cabin area.

Even if the final autonomy approved in Europe were to decrease by 100 kilometers for each version, the prices under which BYD has launched the Seal in the Chinese and Japanese markets mean that, with respect to Model 3, the decision is not easy at all. The most accessible version of the American to change starts in China from about 39,000 dollars, while the BYD Seal does the same for about $32,000.

The brand is expected to kick off BYD Seal customer deliveries with a commemorative event in the coming days.

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