The electric BYD Seal hits the streets, will it be up to the Tesla Model 3?

With 60,000 advance reservations behind it and marketing that has just begun, the expectations placed by the market on the BYD Seal are very high. And it is that being designed practically to measure to compete with the Tesla Model 3, by many considered the electric car in history, much is expected of the Seal.

This is one of the BYD Ocean Series models with which the brand is gradually managing to scale in terms of product claims. In addition to the Seal, we also already know the Dolphin (compact C-segment) and the Seagull (an electric utility vehicle) is in the making.

With the first deliveries planned for this month, the first images of the BYD Seal in dealerships and other common locations when a model begins its commercial journey.

It is, therefore, a very good opportunity to appreciate the model in images beyond the manufacturer’s own official ones, in which it is always sought to enhance the best facets of the car in question and hide, perhaps, the less successful aspects.

Before starting to see and touch the BYD Seal in the first person, and judging both by the videos that are beginning to emerge and by the images of the brand, you can clearly see the path that the Chinese firm has taken little by little. start to tackle the Tesla Model 3. On the one hand BYD has outlined a more dynamic design than the Tesla modelwhile for its interior the same technological note takes place, although executed with more flourishes in the aspect section.

Although the exterior images do not provide any decisive conclusion regarding its design beyond what we already knew, perhaps the most striking thing about the videos that are already beginning to stand out on YouTube is how BYD has approached the design of the exterior. If simplicity prevails in the Tesla Model 3 with a clean design that seeks to simplify both its construction and its image, here BYD has distanced itself from Tesla with a design marked by much more elaborate and complicated surfaces and panels than in the American model.

BYD Seal.

All of the above, together with power figures that, depending on the finish, seem similar to those of the Model 3, and prices that in principle have been placed well below the American modelshould make the BYD Seal stand out as a serious purchase alternative to the Tesla model in all the markets it reaches.

BYD is expected to start selling its first models in Europe at the end of this year, and then continue to spread throughout the continent progressively during the next year. Although they have not confirmed with which models they will do it, it is expected that both the Seal and the Dolphin will be part of their commercial offensive in the European market.

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