The Electric Brands XBUS is the cutest camper you can buy in Spain

Regardless of size and format, everything that looks like a campervan works right now. After the 2020 pandemic, the world discovered the freedom granted by a house on its back. The world of caravans and motorhomes is on the rise and thanks to this, more solutions, technologies, systems and models are born every day. Many sensible models to be camperized, but none of them quite like the Electric Brands XBUS Camper. An electrical and very attractive solution that we should not underestimate. It is already available in the Spanish market.

It is not the first time that we have told you about Electric Brands or the XBUS. The German brand has been trying to launch a multipurpose electric vehicle on the market for some time. A small-scale mobility Swiss army knife capable of adapting to different solutions, jobs or needs. We have known it in van, van and minivan format, but it is the first time that we have seen a very striking camperized finishing line.

Before detailing what accessories the XBUS Camper has, we must first give some notions of what this versatile electric van is like. With external measurements of just 3.94 meters long, 1.63 meters wide and 1.92 meters high, the XBUS is smaller than a Toyota Yaris. but it has been designed to face difficult terrain with such special features as all-wheel drive or a free height of 20 centimeters.

Small, but enough. The XBUS Camper offers many amenities on board

Mechanically speaking, it has a power of 56 kW, about 75 horsepower. Its electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery with just 10 kWh capacity that offers a maximum of 200 kilometers of autonomy. Optionally, the battery capacity can be tripled to 30 kWh, and in this case the autonomy will exceed 500 kilometers. With a low-power recharging system, up to 3.6 kW in alternating current, it allows to go from 10 to 80% of the charge in about three hours.

As we have already said, the XBUS can be configured with multiple body styles, from a combination of single cab and chassis to a cargo transport solution, or bus. It is even possible to choose a convertible or pick-up format. The solutions are very numerous, but the Camper version will be the most attractive thanks to how much it is capable of offering in its small space. Thanks to a lifting roof and an extendable rear part, habitability is guaranteed.

It has a bed, kitchen, sink and fridge. All this compressed in a minimum space. In addition to that, it offers standard equipment such as a 10.2-inch multimedia screen, mobile connectivity or even a sunroof. In the list of options we find elements such as air conditioning, parking camera, 11 kW fast charger, or the additional battery pack. However, the starting price is 29,975 euros for the standard XBUS Camper version. The off-road format raises the minimum bill to 32,212 euros, without discounts.

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