The electric bicycle with the most autonomy in the world arrives, although it has a but (and it is not its price)

Revolt Zycling AG is a Swiss company that is about to physically present its first product. It’s about the Opium e-Bikea electric bicycle of urban cut that based on the numbers that Revolt Zycling has already provided, it will be the model with the most autonomy in the world thanks to a disproportionate battery.

However, and although due to the technical elements and design it is for practical purposes an assisted pedaling bicycle, the truth is that given the power of its hub-type electric motor, 800 Win Europe it cannot be considered as such, but as a speed pedelec, so its registration as a moped will be mandatory, this being its biggest commercial brake, in addition to a presumably high price.

Beyond that, what Revolt Zycling proposes It is all a display of numbers. Up to 340 kilometers for each charge in case of opting for the top-of-the-range version with a range extender, which increases the initial 225 by 115 kilometers, a figure that is not negligible from the start.

Opium e-Bike
Opium e-Bike

The company is scheduled to introduce four different versions of the Opium e-Bike, to be called Opium 3, Opium 4, Opium 6 and Opium 6 LR (from Long Range). All models will use the same electric motor, as well as the cycle part, while there will mainly be differences in transmission and battery capacity.

While the most basic version, the Opium 3, uses a 1,400 Wh capacity battery, while the two intermediate versions raise the figure to 1,600 Wh. The top-of-the-range variant proposes an increase in the battery capacity of the intermediate versions with a range extender of 470 Wh to reach the 2,140Wha figure that is far from everything seen to date in electric bicycles and speed pedelecs, even approaching usual capacities in electric motorcycles equivalent to 125.

The Opium e-Bike is available in 12 colors.
The Opium e-Bike is available in 12 colors.

The autonomy ofThe most basic version is 215 kilometers (a figure already higher than usual) while the two intermediate versions propose 256 kilometers before the 340 of the version with range extender.

Articulated around the concept of an urban electric bicycle, the Opium e-Bike adds a front fork with 50 millimeters of travel manufactured by Wren, while the access version maintains a rigid fork. The brakes are Magura MCi with 203-millimeter diameter discs in all four versions.

In addition to the superlative energy capacity of the battery, all versions of the Opium e-Bike will resort to an unusual gear change thanks to a system manufactured by the specialist Pinion and that is housed inside the bottom bracket hub, where the motor on a mid-motor electric bike.

Opium e-Bike Pinion transmission.
Opium e-Bike Pinion transmission.

Based on what was announced by Revolt Zycling AG, the Opium e-Bike will be presented at the next Eurobike 2022, an event that will take place in the German city of Friedrichshafen between July 17 and 22 of this year. Revolt Zycling AG is expected to announce prices for each version during the figure.

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