The electric Alpine A110 will continue to be the central pillar of the brand

Alpine is already working on the development of a new range of models powered only by electrical mechanics. Among these new models will be the next generation of the Alpine A110, of which the company itself has confirmed that will continue to be a fundamental pillar of the range Of the brand.

The sports firm belonging to the Renault Group will give an important turn to its range of models in the coming years. Currently it only has one car in its catalog, the Alpine A110, its sports car and star vehicle. In the coming years, all the new members that will make up “the new Alpine” will be covered under the umbrella of electrification. The firm has already publicly announced that, in addition to the renewal of the A110 in electric form, It will also have two other vehicles, an SUV and a compact.

The electric Alpine A110 will seek to rival models from brands as opulent as Lotus, Porsche or Toyota, who hope to do the same in the coming years and launch electric sports alternatives. However, and despite the fact that Alpine will put in its dealerships more bodies destined to reap higher levels of sales, the A110 will continue to be the fundamental pillar as a cult vehicle.

It has been Laurent Rossi himself, CEO of the company, who has pointed out that the electric Alpine A110 will continue to play a central role as the embodiment of the brand’s sporting credentials. “Alpine is going to be a sports brand no matter what, and we must have at least one sports car to justify that.Otherwise, it would be a false statement,” he said.

Rossi did not give special consideration to what can be expected from the electric A110 in terms of aesthetics. It is expected that this will continue the path already inaugurated by the first generation launched in the middle of the last century and that, later, the current model took over. Its forms are expected to be a mere evolution of the current one but that supposes a proposal far removed from the next Alpine GT X-Over or the electric compact that will be based on the next Renault 5.

Alpine's roadmap is to offer three 100% electric models
Alpine’s range will consist of three all-electric models

“We want to preserve the DNA of the A110 and therefore it could be quite different from other cars despite sharing the same platform.” The set-up of all of them will be very personal and individualistic, because although the three are expected to present sports capabilities, the electric A110 will be the pinnacle of the aforementioned sportsmanship within the French firm.

According to the latest rumours, the electric Alpine A110 will share many elements of the future sports car that Lotus will launch, the Type 135. Among these elements it is expected that, at least, the chassis will be shared. According to Rossi, the conversations between the two firms are focused on the characteristics and similarities that the models will have, mainly in the section on the weight of their electrical system. “We will see if we associate, but obviously we share the same problems and the same similarities,” he said. the CEO of Alpine who confirmed that the partnership decision should come in the next six months.

“By the end of this year we will need to know what platform and technological solutions we will use to produce our cars. So there we will decide if the path we will follow is together or not”.

Rossi also pointed out that in the next Alpine electric models the latest advances related to autonomous driving or other technology related to automation will not be found, since its focus will be on sports sensations and the technology linked to it.

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