The electric Alfa Romeo Giulia will arrive in 2027 with 800 kilometers of autonomy

In Turin they are very clear about what the objective is. Electrification does not escape anyone, although depending on the brand, the road will start sooner or later. Alfa Romeo wants to be one of the first to make the leap to a 100% electric format. Driven by the power of the Stellantis Group, the Italians will completely change their mentality. One of the first models to start this new stage will be the Alfa Romeo Giulia. In 2027 it will go to the 100% electric formatand although there is a lot of time left, we already know some interesting details.

In an interview for Auto-Express magazine with the head of Alfa, Jean-Philippe Imparato, it has been possible to know where the shots are going with a project that has already been launched, but which will still take some time to see in some point in its testing phase. The year marked in red is the 2027, by then Alfa Romeo wants to make the leap, offering only electrical mechanics in all its new launches, including the new generations of models that we already know as the Alfa Romeo Tonale and the Giulia.

The sedan has always had a special treatment in Alfa. In the umpteenth resurrection, the Italian house opted first for the saloon before the SUV, and that we live in the era of the SUV. With the change to the electric strategy, the path will be very similar. The Alfa Romeo Giulia will be one of the first to offer exclusively electrical mechanics supported on the Stellantis STLA Large platform. The conglomerate hopes to use it in a large number of models, including extreme versions of American muscle cars such as the Dodge Challenger that will be launched in 2024.

A new Giulia will be born to once again transform Alfa Romeo

In the case of the Giulia, the platform will show that fine balance between performance and autonomy. The first data that is shuffled corresponds to large battery formats. State-of-the-art batteries with a gross capacity between 101 and 118 kWh. This capacity means offering long-lasting operating ranges, although it will depend on the version and format, since, as expected, sports units signed by the QV division of the house are expected.

With such a size of batteries we can imagine electric autonomies close to 800 kilometers. A figure that would currently exceed models of the stature of the Mercedes EQS or the Tesla Model S. This is what has been known for the moment, although changes cannot be ruled out considering that we are five years away from the launch of the model. . Technology evolves very quickly and plans can change quickly. What is clear is that Alfa Romeo wants to hit the table, and the Giulia will be the mallet they use.

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