The Dacia Logan becomes an electric car under the name of Lada e-Largus and AvtoVAZ

The war in Ukraine and the sanctions that Russia is suffering from the international community are causing a crisis in the country’s automobile sector. In a complex scenario, Lada has decided to face it with the creation of his first electric car what will it be a version of the Largus van transformed into a 100% electric vehicle. The eLargus, of which there are still no technical specifications, could see the light in 2024after testing and fine-tuning by the validation fleet throughout the remainder of this year and next.

The conflict in Ukraine is leading to the exit of some of the most important brands in its market. This is the case of Renault, which owned 68% of the capital of AvtoVAZ (Lada), and which, according to the Russian Ministry of Commerce, decided to symbolically transfer its stake to a research institute for one ruble so that it would become a problem of the Russian Government.

In this situation, and as part of the restructuring that the company needs, the manufacturer has presented its first electric car. The Lada e-Largus is an electric version of the Largus van which, in turn, is based on the Dacia Logan first generation. The truth is that Lada has been very subtle with the details it has given of this new model, limiting itself to presenting some official images, including that of the e-Largus in its light commercial vehiclewith blinded rear windows and the logos and colors that define it as a 100% electric vehicle.

Lada e-largus dacia logan electric car van-interior2
The concept of the Lada e-Largus has great similarities with the first generation Dacia Logan van manufactured in 2006.

Yes it is known that in addition to this commercial version also there will be another version for passengers, of which its appearance has also been shown with five doors and capacity, it seems from the three rows of seats that can be seen in the image, for seven people. As expected, the e-Largus retains the styling and most of the body parts of the combustion-engine Largus, except for a fully covered front grille, a custom-designed front bumper, and character-defining blue accents. of its propulsion system.

The e-Largus is based on the B0 platform that the Renault Group has been using for the first generation Dacia Logan, adapted to accommodate an electric motor of which the characteristics are unknown and for hold a battery pack which will be located under the central tunnel and the rear seats and which could be offered in different levels of capacity.

AvtoVaz did announce that the model will be produced at the Izhevsk plant which is undergoing a refurbishment following Renault’s decision to formally abandon its operations in Russia. Lada recently announced that it would move production of the Vesta from the Izhevsk factory to its main plant in Togliatti.

Lada e-largus dacia logan electric car van-interior1
Mechanical schematic of the Dacia e-Largus Concept.

Lada will announce the specifications of the e-Largus at a later date. The first fully functional prototype will roll off the production line in 2023, giving way to the fleet of validation prototypes and tests prior to the final production of the definitive model. At the same time, AvtoVAZ is trying to expand the cargo network in Russiawhich currently comprises 10 charging stations, with three more planned for 2023, which shows that the electric vehicle in Russia is still testimonial.

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