The creators of the XBUS will also have their particular electric BMW Isetta

ElectricBrands acquires Ikone, a company also of German origin whose most famous project in recent times is the Artega Karo, a reinterpretation of the BMW Isetta in an electric key. This model has been precisely the main reason that has led Electricbrands to save Ikone from bankruptcy.

According to ElectricBrands itself, the entire shareholding of Artega now passes into the hands of the creators of the XBUS, who have promised to continue with the Artega Karo project, only that by the time it reaches the market it will be done under a different name.

ElectricBrands promises that this new model will see the light during 2023, maintaining the aesthetics and proportions of the model on which it is inspired and being limited to measures of 2.48 meters long and a width of 1.50 meters.

The electric XBUS begins its testing phase.
The XBUS from ElectricBrands.

As for its electrical performance, with a range of up to 200 kilometers and a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour, ElectricBrands defines it as an electric car that is designed for the city. Before ElectricBrands entered the Ikone shareholding, the Artega Karo was expected to have a starting price of around 18,000 euros. It remains to be seen if the small model manages to maintain both its specifications and its price, although everything indicates that it will.

It remains to be seen, then, if the achievement of objectives is given in time in the arrival of the model on the streets. Previously the XBUS, originally called eBussy, took more than three years from being announced until it was finally able to be announced as a production model. At the moment deliveries to customers have not yet taken place.

Artega Karo electric.
Artega Karo electric.

ElectricBrands will inevitably have to compete with a model with identical aesthetics. This is the electric Microlino, a model from the Swiss company Micro Mobility Sistems AG that also has the BMW Isetta as inspiration.

At first, both the Artega model and the Micro Mobility Sistems AG model were the same car, but reached a point of disagreement, both companies decided to continue with the project separately. With this news, it seems that ElectricBrands put an end to the twists and turns that the Artega Karo project has suffered.

The Micro Mobility Sistems AG model, however, appears to be in a much more advanced stage of development than the German model, and has also given a substantial leap in technology and safety by making the leap from a tubular chassis to an aluminum monocoque.

PHOTO 4 - The aesthetics of Microlino 2.0 leaves no one indifferent
The electric Microlino from Micro Mobility Systems AG

About the Microlino we know that it is already available to book with a price that will start from 12,500 euros, which will have three battery sizes available to offer autonomy of up to 280 kilometers. The first deliveries were scheduled for this April.

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