The commercialization of the electric Microlino begins with the 999 units of the ‘Pioneers Series’

Micro Mobility Systems AG announces that the first 999 units of the electric Microlino to be produced will be in a special launch series called “Pioneer Series”with which they want to thank the first customers who booked a unit of the small electric car for their trust.

With an aesthetic that is undeniably inspired by the classic BMW Isetta, the Microlino was an electric vehicle that captured the attention of many potential customers in Europe. So much so that there were many who, sWithout reliable delivery times or production, they decided to make a reservation of the small electric car.

Today, approximately six years after its confirmation, and after a back and forth of the project between companies, the electric Microlino is already being produced in its factory in Turin. The first units, however, are the ones that the brand will use to carry out tests with the press and potential customers, while the following 999 units will be the ones that make up this exclusive launch edition for the first customers of Micro Mobility Systems AG.

Beyond an identification plate with the number relative to the unit in the series, the brand has not confirmed at the moment if the 999 units will have any more exclusive elements.

The firm commented on the launch of the electric Microlino: “The Pioneer Series is a limited edition of Microlino and the first 999 vehicles to come off the production line in Turin. The Pioneer Series is for all those who have supported us since the first day. Those who reserved their Microlino almost 6 years ago, when we first showed our Microlino concept car at the Geneva Motor Show. Those who participated in all our surveys and helped us bring the Microlino to life. You believed in us, to despite the challenges.”

And it is that,or that it was a single initial project was later forked into two different models due to the separation of the company, which gave rise to the Microlino on the one hand, and to the Artega Karo on the other.

Of both models, the one that is most advanced in its project, and that has the most investment in technology and means behind it, is the Microlino, since Micro Mobility Systems AG rejected the idea of ​​articulating it around the original tubular structure, opting for develop its own platform in the form of an aluminum monocoque in which the battery pack is integrated.

Microline chassis
Microline structure.

The electric Microlino will hit the streets through the announced “Pioneers Series” with an electric motor of 12.5 kW (16.8 hp) that together with a torque of 100 Nm will take it to the 90 km/h top speed.

While there will only be one version of the motor, there will be three variants available, and depending on the one chosen, the battery capacity will vary. Named Urban, Dolce and Competizione, they will be equipped with 6, 10.5 and 14 kWh batteries, which will give rise to autonomy of 95, 175 and 230 kilometers, respectively.

The price of the electric Microlino is 12,500 euros in a general way for Europe. To buy it directly from Spain, you will have to wait for the brand to announce an official distributor.

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