The Chinese giant Geely will have its own electric pick-up

Although it is still a completely unknown firm for many, Geely is one of the China’s largest automakers, and increasingly enjoys a greater global projection. Now the brand shows the first preview of an electric pick-up with which it fully enters this competitive market niche.

However, and contrary to what happens with the electric pick-ups that have been announced in recent times, the Geely model is not intended to be sold in the United States, Canada or Mexico, whose markets are the main cause of existence of models such as the Ford F-150 Lightning, the Rivian R1T or the Tesla Cybertruck, which is yet to be marketed.

Despite the fact that the electric pick-up that Geely has shown has done so in a camouflaged way thanks to a vinyl that tries to hide the shapes of the bodywork, the truth is that it makes it clear where the shots are going in relation to design.

Geely’s advance is made up of several photographs in which his model appears performing tasks of a playful nature. Judging by the images and the size of the pick-up compared to the people who appear in the same photographs, it will be a relatively compact size model given the usual dimensions of this type of vehicle. Proof of this is the content size of the rear loading surface, for example.

It is particularly striking that despite the bulky proportions of its bodywork, neither the size of the wheels nor the ground clearance they stand out too much with respect to what is usual in this type of pick-ups.

Preview of the Geely electric pick-up.
Preview of the Geely electric pick-up.

The brand has not given any technical information about the anticipated model, but based on what the Carscoops media indicates, it is a model that will end up being called Geely Radarand that based on the latest rumors will take as a technical starting point the SEA platformwhich has been specifically designed by the Chinese consortium to exclusively shape electric cars.

Among other planned models, the newly announced Smart #1 is based on the SEA platform, as well as the future Volvo XC20 Recharge, which will be Volvo’s most affordable model, predictably. In the Smart #1, the SEA platform is capable of offering up to 66 kWh of capacity (resulting in 62 useful kWh), while an electric motor positioned on the rear axle can offer up to 203 kW (272 hp) complemented by a torque of 313 Nm.

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