The cheapest electric car in Spain debuts a new design: a new identity for the Dacia Spring

Dacia has presented the design that from now on all the models in its range will wear, which fully affects what is the cheapest electric car in Spainthe Dacia spring. The model now goes on to enjoy a “face” more serious, and that it will share with the rest of the models of the Romanian brand.

With this news, Dacia takes a step forward in the strategy followed by the Renault Group. Among the tasks proposed for the most affordable signature of the group was to gain identity and visual strength. The strategy was presented in June of last year, and it has not been until now, just one year later, when Dacia has been able to materialize it in its range of products.

As the brand has announced, youall of them orders to be carried out from tomorrowJune 16, 2022, you will enjoy this new visual identity, although it will not be until the Paris Motor Show, which will be held between October 17 and 23, 2022, when the firm physically shows the design of its new range. The first deliveries of this new design are scheduled for the end of the year.

New electric Dacia Spring.

Dacia says that the new design is marked by what is, for them, essential. It is for this very reason that their models look designs without superfluous elements, adjusting thus “to the expectations of the clients”. With this new design they seek to transmit robustness and reliability. and to a certain extent they succeed, because now their cars transmit a superior solicity to previous models.

Precisely with these objectives with which the color that accompanies the Dacia Spring of the images was born. They have named it persimmon lichen, which can be understood as “khaki green”. According to Dacia, it is a shade of green that seeks to recall moss and earth, reflecting the proximity that Dacia wants to have with the open-air use of its cars.

Inside, the only significant change takes place on the steering wheel cover, with the brand name written in the new font.

The most significant change of all is found in the front of their cars, exemplified in this case with the Dacia Spring. Now the brand’s affordable electric starts to show off the brand’s new logo on its front, which combines the ‘D’ and ‘C’ of the brand name making a simile with the union between the links of a chain. The Romanian firm calls it “Dacia Link”. The new logo is also integrated on the rear of the cars, as well as on the steering wheel and wheel hub caps.

The redesign does not bring price changes in any of the cases. Thus, the Dacia Spring will continue to start in our country from 19,805 euros in its most accessible version. Together with the Moves III Plan, the price can be reduced by as much as 12,805 euros in the case of delivering a car in exchange for scrapping in the transaction. In case of not doing so, the final cost for the client will be 14,805 euros.

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