The CEO of Dacia reveals the keys to the next Dacia Duster, the most possible hybrid SUV of the people

The Dacia Duster has carved a niche for itself in the market not only because of a more than successful relationship between price and product, like the rest of the Romanian firm’s models, but also because of an authentic SUV concept with a country vocation. Now the CEO of Dacia reveals the keys to its second generation, which will arrive in 2025 and in which a hybrid variant with Renault E-Tech technology will put the efficient note.

By conception, the Duster is an SUV with a muscular appearance and functional conception. This has been confirmed by the CEO of Dacia in an interview with Automotive News Europe, Denis Le Vot, confirming that the next generation of the Romanian SUV will continue to be the same type of car that it has been until now.

The head of the Romanian firm answered when asked about the next Duster: “The length will be more or less the same, 4.35 meters. It will make a great leap in platform and also in style. But the Duster will continue to be a true crossover or SUV, rough, hard and unbreakable, so to speak, because we will still have professional users or buyers who need it for rough roads. The idea is for the Bigster to be more of a cruiser, more of a family car, while the Duster will retain its rugged character and 4×4 option.”

The main hallmark of the Dacia Duster has always been its decent off-road performance.

To give an idea of ​​what he was referring to, Denis Le Voy gave a similar example when comparing the previous Sandero with the current one, which is already based on the CMF-B platform of the alliance between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, and between the that great changes are appreciated, especially in the sections of driving comfort and technology.

Since the Dacia Duster will take the same platform as the Sandero, on which the Clio and the future Mitsubishi Colt and Nissan Micra will also sit, the change between the current generation of the Duster and the next will be the same as what we have seen in the Sandero. Commenting Le Vot about it: “We will take this platform to make the Duster, and it will have the same effect. We intend to make a much better Duster than the one we have now“.

Will there be a hybrid Dacia Duster?

At the moment neither the CEO of Dacia nor the brand itself have made any clarification about the mechanical offer that will star in the range of the next Duster, so they have not confirmed that there will be a hybrid version.

However, the chances that the brand’s SUV will finally arrive with the option of a hybrid mechanic it is more than a possibility. The sample is the Dacia Jogger itselflaunched a few months ago on the market, and although Dacia has not given priority to the hybrid variant, the arrival of an electrified mechanics inherited from the Clio E-tech is confirmed.

The Dacia Jogger does have a hybrid version.
The Dacia Jogger does have a hybrid version.

Given that both models will be based on the same platform, and that Dacia will try to offer it at the lowest possible price, if it offers a hybrid version, the Duster will use the same scheme as the 7-seater of the Romanian brand. The Hybrid Jogger uses a 1.6 liters of gasoline and backed by two electric motors (according to Dacia, an “e-motor” and a high-voltage starter) relies on a battery of 1.2 kWh capacity.

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