The BYD Seal announces its attractive sale prices, although they have an important drawback

BYD aspires to become one of the leading players in the global electricity market. With an increasingly wide range of vehicles, the latest releases are on everyone’s lips thanks to their performance, characteristics and, also, prices. The BYD Seal is called to be that global model that positions the company as one of the reference brands. His arguments were already known, but there was still an important detail to know, the price. BYD has already communicated it and it never ceases to amaze.

The Tesla Model 3 is the model to beat. All brands try to beat the most popular and popular electric model on the market, but it is not easy. To sell more than the Model 3 you need Not only do you offer a product as good as the sedan, you also need it to be priced reasonably enough. so that the buyer has no doubts. Something similar happens with the Polestar 2, a great electric car that, given its proximity to the Model 3, will make many customers choose to make the leap to the American brand.

The BYD Seal measures 4.80 meters long.

To avoid this problem, BYD offers us a sedan with many indisputable arguments. In addition to a very apparent design, its interior is loaded with technology and space. Technically speaking, we are facing one of the most advanced electric cars on the market. As the Chinese company itself has revealed, the BYD Seal will be able to reach a range of up to 650 kilometers (in CLTC cycle) and powers with up to 522 horses.

With all the data on the table, the Seal is very attractive, and until now, all that was needed was to put a face on the sale prices. During a ceremony held yesterday in China, BYD announced that its anti Model 3 electric saloon has a starting price of 212,800 yuanwhich in exchange comes to about 29,900 euros, price for the Chinese market of the access model with a rear engine, 550 kilometers of autonomy (in the CLTC cycle) and 204 horsepower.

BYD Seal driving position.

If we compare it with the price of the Model 3, in China has a starting cost of 279,900 yuan, about 39,300 euros to change. That is, the Tesla is approximately 10,000 euros more expensive than the BYD, although the benefits are not comparable given the difference in the homologation cycles. Despite this, almost the entire BYD Seal range is cheaper than the Model 3, so it is expected that it will become a best-seller in China.

Now comes the bad news. At the moment, BYD has not commented on the matter of selling the Seal in Europe. Despite having infrastructure on the continent, the Chinese brand has not yet announced the plans to follow for the old continent. Yes, other potential rivals of the Model 3 have done so, such as the NIO ET5 that will arrive in Europe from next year. With a gigantic 150 kW battery, the sedan promises autonomies close to 1,000 kilometers, yes, in the CLTC (China Light-Duty Test Vehicle) approval cycle.

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