The Boom Supersonic Overture promises supersonic speed with zero emissions

Back in 1969, more than 50 years ago, the Concorde was born. The fastest commercial plane in the world allowed to travel from London to New York in less than three hours. The supersonic flights reduced the distances, but the time and the problems caused its demise. Boom Supersonic wants to pick up where it left off in 2003. The Overture will be a supersonic aircraft that will not only reduce travel time, but also allow emission-neutral flying..

We all remember the story of the Concorde. Considered one of the wonders of aviation, the Anglo-French project marked a before and after in the industry. The fastest passenger plane in the world was reserved for the richest travelers in the world, the only ones capable of paying the expensive tickets that allowed them to cross the Atlantic Ocean in less than three hours with all the luxury of details and comforts. Sadly, the history of the Concorde ended in the worst way in 2003, although it had been hanging by a thread for many years.

High maintenance costs and high ticket prices forced British Airways and Air France to ground the supersonic plane. Since 2003 numerous projects have tried to return to the path of the Concorde, but none of them have succeeded. Where others have failed, Boom Supersonic hopes to succeed. Your proposal could not be more spectacular. The Overture is nothing but reminiscent of the fenestrated supersonic aircraft, although it offers all the advantages of the most advanced technology and sustainability.

Sharp design is the result of millions of hours of simulation and wind tunnel testing

The technical sheet is spectacular. With a top speed mach 1.7 (2.83 km/h), the Overture would be capable of making transoceanic tours in less than four hours. With an aerodynamic design reminiscent of the Concorde, it is 61 meters long and barely 32 meters between the tips of its sharp wings. In its passenger cabin it could accommodate between 65 and 80 passengerswhich will be able to enjoy high-speed flights with an operating ceiling of 60,000 feet and a maximum range of 4,888 miles, about 7,867 kilometers.

All this without sending a single polluting drop into the atmosphere. Boom Supersonic announces that the Overture will work exclusively with 100% synthetic emission-free fuels. Although there are still a few years to see it fly, the company has already invested more than 26 million hours of work in simulations and wind tunnels. Many airlines have already shown interest. United Airlines has already ordered 15 units from Boom Supersonicalthough there is still a long way to go before it takes to the skies.

It is planned to enter service on more than 600 routes around the world, although the price of the tickets is not expected to be affordable for all pockets. Boom Supersonic has announced that it will not start production until 2024, taking much longer to receive the go-ahead to undertake commercial flights. If all the plans go as planned, the Overture will start its commercial life from the year 2029. We still have to wait.

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