The BMW M5 Touring could be reborn with a plug-in hybrid system and a 4.4-liter V8 engine

Bimmer Post, one of the most important BMW specialized portals in the world, has just opened the jar of essences. After years without being able to enjoy the BMW M5 Touring, new reliefs detail that the return of the sporty family saloon is more than possible. The BMW M5 Touring will come to life with a powerful V8 block with plug-in hybrid system. Its arrival on the market would be scheduled for the end of 2024, so we are still quite far from the launch date.

The M5 is considered by many to be the quintessential sports sedan. Those from Munich have been manufacturing it for decades, but although it has always been offered in a traditional format, few generations have shown a family body called Touring. Only two previous generations have had the most atypical version for a sports car.: the E34 generation, from which only a handful of family units were born, and the E61 generation, which ceased its activity in 2010.

Since then, BMW has not released an M5 Touring on the market again, but everything seems to indicate that the trend is going to change. BMW is celebrating its anniversary with its M range. Not every year 50 years of life are celebratedAnd to commemorate the name day, the Germans are offering unique launches such as the BMW M3 Touring or the BMW XM, the first plug-in hybrid SUV developed by the company’s craziest and wildest division. A new catalog that will increase over the years thanks to new electrified systems.

The new BMW M5 Touring would use the same engine as the BMW XM (image)

With code G99, the M5 Touring will not only have a more versatile body, but will also employ powerful plug-in hybrid engines. When it comes to occupying the engine compartment, the XM will become the donor of a powertrain that is called to mark a new era in the company. A 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 with plug-in hybrid system that will power the big M units for years to come. The SUV will be the first to mount it at the end of this year, and later it will be extended to more models.

Some performance data has already been leaked online. The propeller will offer different levels of power, reaching a maximum of 750 horsepower with 1,000 Nm of torque.. Such performance will be transferred to the asphalt through an xDrive all-wheel drive scheme. By managing an automatic change. Obviously this will be the most extreme and radical version of the new range of the BMW 5 Series that will be launched next year with its corresponding 100% electric version, the long-awaited BMW i5.

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