The BMW i4 eDrive35 arrives, the access version with 490 kilometers of autonomy

The BMW i4 has managed to establish itself as one of the best electric cars on the market. Despite having a short commercial life, the data shows that it is one of the most efficient sedans you can buy. The range is now extended thanks to the arrival of the version BMW eDrive35, an access drive to be offered first in Canada to later be introduced in the rest of the countries. Its figures ensure a sales success.

For years, BMW has been one of the pioneering brands in the field of electrification. The launch of models as popular as the BMW i3, now defunct, has allowed the Germans to gain experience and knowledge that they are now exploiting in other models. The BMW i4 is positioned as the access model to the electric family. A sedan that places the Tesla Model 3 as its most direct rival.

The newly announced i4 eDrive35 features the same underpinnings as its siblings. With a length of 4.78 meters long and a wheelbase of 2.86 metersoffers a coupé body with generous space for passengers and cargo, featuring a boot volume ranging between 470 and 1,290 liters capacity. At an aesthetic level we do not know if there are clear differences, because at the moment BMW has not shown images of the access version. In any case, no major changes are expected, being more in tune with the i4 eDrive40 than with the i4 M50.

The access version will offer up to 490 kilometers of autonomy with a battery of 66 kWh of net capacity

Your electrical assembly shows a power output of 210 kW, 282 horsepower, and 400 Nm of torquer. It has a lithium-ion battery with a gross capacity of 70.2 kWh, 66 kWh net capacity. Thanks to her he is able to homologate a WLTP cycle autonomy of up to 490 kilometers. For recharging, BMW opts for high-power systems, up to 180 kW in direct current and up to 11 kW in alternating current, which allows charging times from 10 to 80% in just 32 minutes.

As for price, Canada presents it from $54,990, about $10,000 more affordable than the BMW i4 eDrive40 with 589 kilometers of autonomy. Its most direct rival is the Tesla Model 3 in its rear-wheel drive configuration. The Austin model is offered from a minimum price of 61,980 dollars with 430 kilometers of autonomy, while the long-range version with 538 kilometers of range is available from 76,990 euros, being considerably more expensive than the German model.

BMW has not reported when it intends to introduce the i4 eDrive35 in the European market, although it has specified that production will start at the Munich plant at the end of this course. Taking this into account, it is more than likely that the first deliveries will be made during the first quarter of 2023. In terms of prices, we could expect a starting price close to 53,000 euros, staying in a line similar to the standard Model 3.

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