The BMW i3 gathers its last 18 units in a very special final delivery

Just as there is a beginning, there is an end. Times change and you have to make room for the new. The BMW i3 will always be considered a revolutionary. The first electric BMW says goodbye in style with a very special ceremony. The last units produced will carry a very specific design and their delivery has been very different from all the others. It’s time to say goodbye to a very important car, but new and more attractive models will soon arrive.

Although it was an open secret, at the beginning of the year BMW confirmed that it was time to say goodbye to the i3 as we know it until now. After nine long years of service, the electric utility vehicle began to count down time on the life clock. The last units rolled off the assembly line at the end of June, although it has not been until now when the high 18 units have been presented and delivered to their ownerswho will always be able to say that they have one of the latest models of its kind.

During these years the i3 has shown that electric mobility is not only possible, it is real. Originally launched in 2013 with a range of 190 kilometers and a Range Extender concept, the constant improvements have allowed it to offer better ranges and greater benefits. The model that was currently on sale emerged in 2018, reaching a 100% electric autonomy peak of 310 kilometers thanks to a 37.8 kWh net capacity battery. Nine years of production, more than 250,000 units sold in 74 countries and, above all, the fact that it was the forerunner of change.

All the same and special. The BMW i3 says goodbye temporarily, although definitively in this format

Because those from Munich have put all the attention in the world on their brand new electric offer. The BMW i4, BMW iX and BMW iX3 build on the pillars of knowledge learned with the i3. As we have already said, the name will disappear from the BMW catalog for a season, but it will soon resurface to show itself as the electric variant of the average sedan, the BMW 3 Series. For a while it’s time to forget about the i3, but the Germans are very clear that they want to recover that combination sooner rather than later.

The emotional farewell tribute took place at the BMW headquarters in Munich. The last 18 units wear a very characteristic colored livery; half gold half black. With clients already assigned, it is time to say see you soon, each unit will be delivered leaving a record of the particularity. So now you know, if one day you come across a gold and black BMW i3, you know that you are in front of a very special car. One of the last generation.

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