The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer plug-in hybrid already has prices in Spain

BMW has just confirmed pricing for the plug-in hybrid versions of its compact minivan, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourerwhich ends up fitting it into an almost unique segment in the market, that of plug-in hybrid minivans, where only the Mercedes B-Class, anthological rival of the BMW model, militates.

As specified by the Spanish division of BMW, the 2 Series Active Tourer will have two plug-in hybrid versions to choose from, called 225e xDrive and 230e xDriveand that They will start at their most affordable specification of 47,050 and 50,100 euros, respectively. At these prices, the aid provided by the Moves III Plan can be discounted at the end of the purchase.

The two versions confirmed for Spain take the same gasoline engine as a starting point, as well as the electrical diagram, with the differences between the two variants focusing on the software section. The block is a three-cylinder turbocharged that yields 136 CV in the case of the 225e and 150 CV 230e.

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer plug-in hybrid.

The electric motor is located on the rear axle in both options, which transmits power to the wheels from this axle, making it an all-wheel drive model (hence the ‘xDrive’ in its name). In the 225e it is configured to produce 109 hp, while in the 230e it does the same with 177 hp, which results in total combined powers of 245 hp (180 kW) and 326 hp (240 kW), respectively.

The battery from which the electric motor is powered has the same capacity in both versions, 14.2 kWh. With a full charge of it, the electric autonomy based on the WLTP cycle will be 77 kilometers, being able to reach up to 85 in the most favorable conditions. Thanks to this electric range, both plug-in hybrid variants enjoy the DGT zero emissions label.

Front area of ​​the passenger compartment of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

Compared to its closest rival, the Mercedes B-Class, the BMW model is slightly more expensive, but offers better performance. The only plug-in hybrid option in the Class B available in Spain is called B 250 e, and has a price that starts at 45,993 euros. The model of the firm of the star has a power of 218 CV (160 kW), and promises autonomy with a full charge of its battery (15.6 kWh capacity) 70 kilometers.

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