The biggest brake on Tesla’s growth is not competition from rival manufacturers

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has pointed out that supply restrictions and not competition from rival manufacturers currently represent the biggest brake on Tesla’s growth.

“Our limitations are much more raw materials and being able to increase production,” said Musk, who earlier this month acknowledged in an internal email to employees that the company had had a “very difficult quarter” as a result of problems with the supply chain.

“As anyone who has tried to order a Tesla knows, demand for our cars is extremely high and the waiting list is long…This is unintentional and we are ramping up production capacity as fast as humanly possible.” he explained during his speech at the Qatar Economic Forum.

At the same time, the company’s founder assured that the car company will cut the number of employees by around 10% over the next three months, which will result in a reduction of up to 3.5% in the manufacturer’s total workforce. of electric vehicles.

The manager explained that the company grew “rapidly” in terms of salaried workers and added that he hopes that “within a year” the workforce will be larger, both in salaried and hourly.

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