The best-selling hybrid car in the world is renewed: the Toyota RAV4 premieres equipment for 2023

The Toyota RAV4 has become the best-selling model in the world last year, and it did so ahead of the Toyota Corolla itself. Released in 2019, now Toyota announces slight changes that will make an incursion during this year in the RAV4 so that during 2023 stay up to date with the competition.

The most notable changes will take place inside, precisely where the Japanese cars show the most the passage of time according to the rest of the offer, and especially compared to the European models. These changes focus, on the one hand, on the dashboard, and on the other on the central screen, since Toyota has renewed both devices with separate screens.

Behind the steering wheel, a 12.3-inch screen now takes place. This will allow you to choose between various types of style (Casual, Smart, Sport and Tough), as well as vary the information that appears in the different sections. The central screen, for its part, is also updated. It is touch and there will be two different sizes depending on the version chosen, with 10.5-inch diagonals in all versions except the most basic, which will be 7 inches.

Instrument panel of the Toyota RAV4 HYBRID 2023.
Instrument panel of the Toyota RAV4 HYBRID 2023.

Outside there are also changes, although only one seems really relevant. Toyota has revamped the design headlights, which now have a more modern look and expressive than before. Of course, they have technology LED lighting.

As is almost the norm in any mid-life renewal, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid also debuts new tire design, which will change their appearance and size depending on the equipment line chosen. Toyota also highlights the incursion of a new white tone for the exterior paint called Platinum White Pearl. The possibility of choosing a double tone for the body will continue to be available by being able to opt for a tone of black paint for the roof.

This is the interior of the Toyota RAV4 HYBRID 2023.
This is the interior of the Toyota RAV4 HYBRID 2023.

As announced by the Japanese firm, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2023 should make a foray into the brand’s production lines during the third quarter of this year, so the first units will arrive at dealerships at the end of the year, not giving its commercialization fully started until the beginning of 2023.

At the moment Toyota has not announced prices for the renewed RAV4, nor has it mentioned changes in mechanical options. Two hybrid versions of the RAV4 are currently marketed in Spain, both built around the 2.5-litre engine, developing 218 horsepower in the front-wheel drive version and 222 horses in the all-wheel drive variant.

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