The Avatr 11 is a high-end Chinese electric SUV that debuts an aggressive special edition

Avatr is a young firm resulting from a joint venture among Chinese manufacturers CATL (of batteries) and Changan Automobile dating from 2018, and whose first model is the luxurious electric SUV Avatar 11, which now launches a dark special edition called Avatr MMW.

It is a limited series of 500 units in which this luxurious electric SUV debuts a design designed by designer Mathew M. Williams, who, among others, has been creative director of the Givenchy fashion firm.

To the already striking bodywork of the Avatr 11, which sports a muscular and flowing design with coupé proportions, this special edition adds a note of color in which black predominates with total authoritymaking the electric win in visual aggressiveness.

Inside the AVATR MMW.
Inside the AVATR MMW.

The body is finished in gloss black, which is accompanied by 22-inch wheels and the brand and model badges, all painted in the same color as the body. The tonic spreads insidein which there is no incursion of any other color to contrast with the black tone of the seats, dashboard and roof.

The Avatr 11 is an electric SUV with accentuated dimensions. It measures 4,880 millimeters long, 1,970 wide and 1,601 high. while its wheelbase remains at 2,975 millimeters. In this sense, and to contextualize the dimensions, it is 13 centimeters longer than a Tesla Model Y.

Although it is somewhat larger than a Model Y, the figures on its technical sheet seem similar. The power is in the hands of two electric motors that produce 195 kW and 230 kW of power, each one positioned on each axle to offer total traction, with a maximum combined power that reaches 425 kW (570 hp)which makes it take, according to the manufacturer, less than 3 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour from a standstill.


The power train is powered by a battery of 90.38 kWh, which is a capacity greater than that of any similar electric SUV, with a range that Avart announces is about 600 kilometers (although we already know that the ranges announced in China are far from real). Thanks to the high voltage of its electrical scheme, the Avatr can assume charging powers of up to 240 kW, which allows it to charge from 30 to 80% in 15 minutes.

Avatr has not announced that the 11 will arrive in Europe, nor is it expected to, so for now its marketing remains in its local market, where the price has yet to be announced.

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