The Audi A3 will go electric and use Volkswagen’s SSP platform

Audi has a very clear and defined strategy regarding the electrification of its range. In August 2021, those from Ingolstadt launched the Vorsprung 2030 strategy. It outlined the steps to be taken for the coming years, with a gradual decrease in thermal engines for the sake of great electrification. Today we have learned that the Audi A3 will only be sold in electric format from its next generationwhose launch is planned for the year 2027.

In 2033 there should be no trace of combustion engines in the Audi range, at least in the most common and commercial. The A3 is one of the most important cars for the family with the four rings. A very popular compact that has been on the market since 1996 and that currently, after the launch of the latest edition in 2020, accumulates a total of four generations. The fifth, if the rumors are confirmed, will be completely different from all the previous ones.

According to the fifth generation of the A3 will benefit from the Vorsprung 2030 strategy. Thermal versions will disappear from the map, and all models will be powered exclusively by electrical systems. That supposes radical changes at several levels. Until now, the A3 has always used the same platform as the Volkswagen Golf, the so-called and famous MQB architecture. compact. This will no longer be used, but the information suggests that the compact will not use the electric version, the MEB platform used by models such as the Volkswagen ID.3.

Audi’s strategy is to gradually become an electric brand.

Although this would be the most logical, the German media reveals that the next electric A3 will be based on a version of the Volkswagen Group’s SSP platform. The first car to enjoy this platform will be released in 2026, so the A3 will be one of the first to enjoy it and its many advantages. At the moment we know that It will have an 800-volt electrical scheme, high-power recharging systems and state-of-the-art batteries with unit cells..

At the level of power and battery capacity, it is still early to determine what strategy the next Audi A3 will follow. Volkswagen itself has confirmed that the SSP platform will be able to accommodate a varied tree of versions, powers and performance. An impressive range of powers that will be accompanied by the latest technological advances, including advanced autonomous driving systems with up to level 4 of operation. Little by little we will discover new and interesting details of the next A3.

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