The arrival of the first Bentley electric is delayed until 2026

Bentley delays its main project open today. The British brand has been working for many months on what will be its first electric car launched on the luxury market, along with what Rolls-Royce is preparing for the Spectre; however, these two models will notably differ from each other in the design section and, above all, in the clients to whom it will be addressed.

Much has been speculated about what the first all-electric Bentley will look like, but now all rumors point to a sports coupemainly given the data of specifications mentioned by Adrian Hallmark himself, CEO of Bentley.

It has been in recent statements made to Automotive News Europe, where the manager has admitted that this project has received a delay of “only a few months”. Initially this was scheduled to hit the market at the end of next year 2025, while its coming-out would be at the beginning of that same year. Now, the start date of marketing has been delayed until the year 2026, although its official presentation does not alter its calendar and will continue to be on the dates initially forecast.

During his interview, the manager refused to make confessions about what has caused such a delay concisely; However, Hallmark did admit that this project is costing them much more than expected. The process of creating and developing its first electric car “is too demanding because we have to do preliminary work that we have never done before,” said the person in charge, although he also pointed out that said delay will be a few months, implying that its arrival on the market will begin during the first half of the year 2026.

Bentley's CEO reveals the first details of his next electric car.
The indications suggest that Bentley’s first electric will be a sports coupe.

Finally, about what the first Bentley electric will look like, there have been many speculations in recent months. The latest indications speak of a high-performance sports car, as Hallmark assured that its starting price will be approximately 250,000 euros, while its total power is estimated at 1,400 hp and it will be able to stop the stopwatch from 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.5 seconds.

However, although all this is being developed under the British firm’s headquarters, other electric vehicles will later come to the range, specifically a model annually through its program called “Five-in-Five”as well as plug-in hybrid alternatives to certain existing models.

From Bentley they have already done the same with the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid and the Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid, although the arrival of a plug-in variant of the Bentley Continental GT is also expected soon.

the luxury firm aspires to be able to be declared a “zero emissions” company within a maximum period of 8 years, since by the year 2030 it hopes to have an entirely electric model range. A goal that could have been slightly delayed due to the adjustment of dates on the arrival of its first electric vehicle.

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