The Alieno Unum uses 24 electric motors and reaches 584 km/h, and they are not its only crazy things

Alieno is a company of Bulgarian origin that was born in 2015. In its first three years of life, it limited itself to creating the main foundations by which it would be characterized, as well as presenting a first vehicle called Arcanum in 2018. Now the company has wanted to give a twist to that model and has done so with the so-called Unum, a vehicle that uses up to 24 electric motors.

The first image left by the Alieno Unum is one of authentic madness. A sharp bodywork loaded with aerodynamic appendages, with countless air inlets and outlets, as well as elements typical of racing cars. However, for the moment, the Bulgarian company has not made any real scale model of it, but has simply shown a digital image of what it aspires to reach the market soon, just like what they already did in 2018 with the original model of the brand, the Arcanum.

The Alieno Unum bears an aesthetic relationship with the Lamborghini models.

The aesthetics of both the Unum and the Arcanum are very similar to certain models of the Lamborghini brand, although taken to even more excessive lines. This has an explanation, and that is that the CEO and founder of the brand, Ahmed Merchev, assured that he is a total admirer of the Italian firm, so much so that He even suggested in his beginnings that Alieno take over the ownership of Lamborghini. “We have been considering for some time this possibility, of course purely hypothetical, that at some point in the future Alieno acquires or associates with the Lamborghini brand. I think that in terms of technologies, we can contribute to the development of the spirit of Lamborghini in the future”, said Merchev.

The model recently presented by the brand is characterized by specifications that can become science fiction. The Unum is presented under two variants: THF and TRS. The first of them has a totally electric mechanism and, within this variant, four different power levels are offered: RP2 with 2,610 hp, RP3 with 3,481 hp, RP4 with 4,351 hp and RP5 with 5,221 hp. The RP2 has a total of 12 electric motors under its body (three per wheel), while the RP5 will have up to 24 electric motors in a configuration of six per wheel.

Streamlined appendages are part of the Unum’s DNA.

The TRS variant, for its part, retains the RP5 configuration with up to 24 electric motors, to which it adds the so-called “Alieno Octopus Synergistic System” of variable geometry with cold air propellers. All this manufactured under 3D printing, titanium and steel, and arranged under the bodywork so that they do not alter the exterior design of the hypercar. Of this variant they have not specifically specified what power it will present.

Alieno’s proposal even goes through the possibility that these aforementioned cold air propellers improve the car’s grip against dirt, snow, ice or water on the road surface through a “blow” directed towards the front area of ​​the vehicle. However, the absurdity of this project does not end here and, additionally, they have also wanted to create a system by which, if the vehicle falls into deep water, the compressed air into the cabin will keep the car afloat. All this is presented on the so-called “Alieno save me” package (“Alien, save me” for its English translation).

According to the brand, both the THF variant and the TRS are equipped with 800 volt architecture and batteries with three capacity levels: 60 kWh, 120 kWh or 180 kWh. These can be recharged in just 4 minutes through a specially designed charger that can carry charges of up to 2,700 kW in direct current.

At the moment, this model is nothing more than a digital design, although they are already waiting for its next commercialization.

Ahmed Merchev has assured that the design of his model is complete and that they already have the permits to start a production line in Tuhovishta, Bulgaria. The period of time that the company manages to be able to manufacture its first models is between 2024 and 2027, although he promises that “the wait will be worth it.”

The price of Alieno Unum goes from 1.8 million euros for the purely electric THF variant, while the most capable TSR reaches 4.5 million euros. The company already accepts orders and reservations for this model, as well as allowing investors to enter for a minimum payment of 900 euros for a 0.001% stake in Alieno.

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