The Alfa Romeo Tonale plug-in hybrid already has an arrival date in Spain

Alfa Romeo has recently presented the new Alfa Romeo Tonale in Spain, a model destined to compete in the C-SUV segment that arrives with design and dynamic behavior as its main weapons. At the moment the Tonale range remains in the hands of the Hybrid version, a variant with light hybrid mechanics that we have already been able to test in Hybrids and Electrics. Later, however, the plug-in hybrid version will be added to the offer of the Italian SUVrunning as the top of the range version.

As specified by the Spanish division of the firm during the national presentation of the Tonale Hybrid, it is expected that the first units of the Alfa Romeo Tonale plug-in hybrid roll off the production line during the last quarter of this yearwhich will lead to the first units of the model arriving in our country in December of this year.

However, presumably these units will be used to perform the functions of test vehicles, so the first units that reach fewer customers will not do so until the first weeks of 2023.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid.

By the time you start marketing, the plug-in hybrid mechanics of the Alfa Romeo Tonale will only be available with the Veloce finish, which is the top of the Italian SUV range. At the moment there are no prices for Spain, but the 160 hp version is already available to reserve in this finish, with a price in exchange for 45,750 euros. It is therefore to be expected that the price of the plug-in hybrid mechanics is higher than that of the 160 hp variant.

Although the brand has yet to confirm the approved electric autonomy, it is expected that based on the WLTP cycle, the plug-in hybrid Tonale will offer about 60 kilometers with a full charge of its battery.

Current range of the Alfa Romeo Tonale in Spain and prices

Until December, then, the hybrid range of the Tonale will remain in the hands of the light hybrid versions of 130 and 160 hp, which at this point already exceed 660 reservations in our country.

Both versions are built around a 4-cylinder turbo engine and a 48V electrical system with a 0.8 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery. Contrary to conventional mild hybrids, however, the fact that the 15kw electric motor of the Tonale gears directly to the gearbox allows the model to be able to move in certain circumstances at very low speed in electric mode.

The difference between the 130 and 160 hp versions is not only limited to the software section, but also to the mechanics. And it is that the 160 hp version will equip a variable geometry turbo to gain that extra power.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Super 130 hp, €36,250

Alfa Romeo Tonale Sprint 130 hp, €38,750

Alfa Romeo Tonale Speciale 130 hp, €39,000

Alfa Romeo Tonale Special 160 hp, €41,000

Alfa Romeo Tonale Ti 160 hp, €43,250

Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce 160 hp, €45,750

The arrival of a 130 hp diesel engine is also planned for this summer, although it will not have any type of electrification.

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