The 5-door MINIs die: there will be a small electric SUV in its place

Big changes are expected in the MINI range in the coming years. A new rumor has begun to sound loud and it is that the 5-door MINI and the Clubman will be replaced by an electric crossover. This could almost certainly be the already rumored MINI Paceman, which will arrive in the coming years to position itself in the place currently held by the MINI Countryman, which will climb a few steps in terms of the segment.

The fact that the MINI Countryman grows in all its dimensions and climbs a step in the hierarchy of segments, is a fact that will make it easier for BMW’s sister company to reposition new models and segments hitherto unexplored. As we have already mentioned, the new crossover would be positioned below the current SUV model. This will represent a new option for the brand’s elevated range, at the same time as will shelve the 5-door and Clubman bodieswhich it will replace.

As confirmed from the middle Coach, the new electric SUV model would bring with it some new, more radical and daring features that are currently presented by the range of the English firm. Broadly speaking, this new model would flee from the retro and conservative appendages by which the brand has always been characterized. In this way, hopes to garner more general interest from the average younger customerat the same time that it would give life to a new design language by MINI.

MINI Countryman PHEV.
MINI Countryman PHEV.

MINI’s new electric crossover would point directly at rivals such as the future Alfa Romeo Brennero, the Smart #1 or the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, among others. This would combine in the same body the advantages of the 5-door model, as well as greater interior roominess and cargo space, so the other two models would cease to make sense within the company’s range, who do not seem to have signs of receiving an electrical renovation in the coming years, as the rest of the models in the range will receive.

This restructuring of the model range is being carried out in parallel with the brand’s own electrification plans. They estimate that before the start of the year 2030, the entire range of MINI models will be represented under the only alternative of pure electrification. The partnership between the BMW Group and the Chinese Great Wall Motor will have a lot to say about this, which they called their new joint venture as Spotlight Automotive. On the roadmap of this shared company is the manufacture of this new electric crossover in China, but also the new 100% electric generation of the 3-door MINI Hatch, which we were already able to discover through a leak of its design.

According to these rumors, the new template of MINI models will begin to be known at the end of this year, with the generational renewal of the MINI Countryman and its 100% electric variant, which will share a large part of the components with the new BMW iX1. Already well into 2023, the company is expected to present this new electric crossover, as well as the new generation of the 3-door MINI Hatch.

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