Tesla’s real rivals are not the other electric car manufacturers

With the appearance of Tesla in the automobile industry, it is easy and usual to consider a clear dispute of a new manufacturer come to revolutionize the sector with its electric cars against the traditional who have always based their business on combustion engines. Tesla seemed determined to change everything and force his competition to follow in his footsteps. Therefore, to anyone who was asked the question of who is his rival, he would answer with the name of some of the car brands of a lifetime. However, Elon Musk has his sights set on a much bigger battle than that. Your biggest rival today is none of those manufacturers.

Tesla is assuming a paradigm shift in the automobile industry and is being key to its electrification. With the Model S he showed that an electric car can be as good or even better than a combustion one. With the Model 3 confirmed that electric vehicles have a legitimate space in the high-volume market. But Tesla has always maintained that while his electric cars are his company’s flagship product, they are just apart of a much larger ecosystemof a broader vision of the future.

Through Twitter, Musk pointed out who his real rival was. When Tesla’s market capitalization exceeds that of the Saudi company aramco, then the planet will have changed course. Who is Aramco? Well, it is a Saudi company dedicated to oil, gas and petrochemical products, with origin and headquarters in Dhahran, which employs 76,000 people worldwide. “When the market capitalization of Tesla, which makes sustainable energy products, surpasses that of Aramco, which produces fossil fuels, you know the future is good for the Earth,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

That is Tesla’s rival. It is not volkswagen, the traditional manufacturer that is putting the most impetus (and the most money) is its electrical transformation. neither is it Ford that seeks to launch many electric models in the coming years, nor Stellantis that with all its brands will put on the market an offer that will cover all needs. Not even Rivian or Lucidtwo new additions to the sector with a strategy similar to that followed by Tesla of starting with a striking and premium product that attracts attention.

No, Tesla’s main rival is one of the world’s largest gas companies. Aramco had a market capitalization of $2,431,000 million in May 2022. Tesla, which is today the carmaker with the highest market value, is worth $786,000 million, and has reached $1,000,000 million at the time of its creation. greater value. In any case the gap between the two companies is still very large.

Tesla wants to create an ecosystem based on renewable energy and artificial intelligence, and its electric cars are just one part of it.

Tesla has plans to increase its value in the coming years. And it will not only do it with its electric cars, but it will also expand its field of business beyond them. It has already done so with its products related to solar energy that are integrated with a future home ecosystem in which another market with a great future will be present, artificial intelligence, with an HVAC for intelligent air conditioning and a Tesla Bot with which almost anything can be done.

If Tesla can shape an ecosystem of renewable solutions would become the antithesis of a company like Aramco, and you could be on your way to defeating it as the most valuable company in the world.

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