Tesla’s new update uses the cloud to improve the experience of its customers

Tesla has started shipping its fleet of electric cars a new software update which adds a good number of features including cloud synchronization of driving profiles. With this function all the preferences of each of the users of a Tesla car can be used regardless of whatever vehicle they are usingthanks to the fact that they are memorized in your personal account and stored in the cloud so that they are available in any car.

This week, Tesla has begun the expanded release of the latest update to the control software for its electric cars. Specifically, this is identified as the 2022.24.5. The new version adds a series of advanced features that had previously been implemented in a small number of test vehicles, in a still beta version of the software, and that are now beginning to reach the entire fleet, made up of more than three million cars.

One of the most important new features is the introduction of what is known as ‘Tesla Profiles’. Basically it is about the integration of driving profiles in the cloud, a promise that Elon Musk made last year and that is now finally coming true. Driving profiles include a series of driver-related parameters that adjust everything from the position of your seat and rear view mirrors to climate preferences and music selection.

The purpose of the function is that the driver can keep your preferences across several different Tesla vehicles, without having to configure each of the car’s parameters every time you access them. While the majority of Tesla owners only own one vehicle of the brand, this update will be very useful for those who have more than one or for those who rent one of them in one of the fleets that already includes them, such as the case of Hertz, which recently signed an important agreement with Tesla.

The release notes accompanying the 2022.24.5 update describe how the new ‘Tesla Profiles’ work: “Keep your settings and preferences in sync across all supported vehicles with your Tesla account” is indicated via not A Tesla App:

  • Mirror, seat and steering wheel adjustments.
  • Autopilot, driving and climate preferences.
  • Browsing, media and data sharing preferences.

You can set up your Tesla profile from the driver profile settings and change your profile picture from the Tesla Mobile app.

update tesla profiles cloud-interior1
With the implementation of ‘Tesla Profiles’, Tesla fulfills the promise made by Elon Musk a year ago to synchronize the driving profiles of each of its users with the cloud so that they can be used in any of its electric cars.

other functions

The software update also provides the ability to reposition the signal from the camera that monitors the driver’s blind spot to suit your position on the seat. To configure it, simply “drag” the camera feed when the flashing light is active. To enable this function, go to the Controls > Autopilot > Automatic Blind Spot Camera setup menu.

For owners who have premium connectivity, Tesla has also slightly upgraded the way slow traffic conditions are displayed along the route inserted in the navigator by using different colors that are part of the route line on the map instead of along it.

Tesla also adds the ability to disable sounds in sentinel mode. “To avoid disturbing your neighbors, you can now turn off Sentinel Mode sounds that will keep sending mobile app notifications. To enable this setting tap on Controls > Security > Sentinel Mode > Disable Sentinel Sounds.

The new update also adds a feature that was already included in version 2022.16.0.2 to more vehicles, the main new feature of which was the software’s ability to display the waiting time on Superchargers. This is the new behavior of the combined braking. This option can now be selected via the Controls>Pedals and Steering>Apply Brakes menu when regenerative braking is limited. Combined braking helps the hydraulic brakes to supplement regenerative braking when regenerative braking is limited due to battery temperature or state of charge (when the battery is completely full and braking energy cannot be stored in the battery). decelerations).

Finally, the 2022.24.5 update also includes some small changes that are not documented in the release noteslike the ability to uninstall video games to free up space for others or the timestamps on tire pressure readings.

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