Tesla’s electric scooter, protagonist of Elon Musk’s latest comments

With Tesla being the benchmark in terms of the production and marketing of electric cars, many are wondering if the American manufacturer will at some point launch an electric scooter under its signature, since both electric motorcycles and scooters are experiencing a commercial revolution. driven by an ever-increasing offer of models. Recently Elon Musk has made comments about it that make Tesla’s postulate clear before the possibility of marketing a Tesla Model M, which is how the hypothetical model has even been baptized in networks.

This same week, during a conference that has been held under the baton of the Financial Times, with electric cars as the main theme, the CEO of Tesla appeared telematically, and among other aspects, made it clear that it will never launch a motorcycle or an electric scooteror at least while he himself is at the head of the American electric car manufacturer.

He commented during the interview, which took place before the most important figures in the automobile industry today: “Scooters are very dangerous. I do not recommend anyone to drive a scooter. If there is ever a problem between a scooter and a car, the scooter will lose.”

BMW Definition CE 04 Concept.
BMW Definition CE 04, the BMW electric scooter.

It is not the first time that the head of Tesla has made comments suggesting that Tesla will never manufacture an electric motorcycle or scooter. Months ago, at a seminar with students, one of those present asked Musk if Tesla had ever considered entering the motorcycle industry, to which Elon Musk replied: “Yeah, I actually used to ride a motorcycle when I was a kid.” kid, and I did motocross for about eight years. I also had a road motorcycle until I was 17, and I was almost killed by a truck.”.

The offer of electric motorcycles begins to proliferate, and with it their sales

Whether or not Tesla is a protagonist in the two-wheel sector, the truth is that both electric motorcycles and electric scooters, especially low-power ones, are being the most accessible way for those looking to make the leap to electric mobility and that they cannot afford the outlay that an electric car entails today.

More than 75,000 electric motorcycles already circulate in Spain, which represents 2% of the total two-wheeled mobile fleet. A figure, perhaps, still restrained, but with a growing offer, and with more varied models that are better adapted to the tastes of each user, is promoting a rapid adoption of this type of vehicle.

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