Tesla wants to lower the price of its electric cars since they are currently “embarrassing”

Elon Musk has spoken out against the unstoppable rise in prices in Tesla’s range of electric cars. The CEO and founder of the North American company think these are “embarrassing” and already aspires to be able to present a decrease in them once the current monetary inflation has been reduced.

The businessman is aware of the current general rise in the prices of the range of his electric models, since, until recently, in Spain you could buy a Tesla Model 3 for just under 45,000 euros, while now it has a price initial of 52,000 euros. “This is a growing problem that we must solve as soon as possible”Elon Musk stated during an earnings call to his top investors.

Added to this incipient generalized rise in prices are the systematic delays in the delivery of vehicles to their final owners, something that has increased in recent months due to lack of supplies, a fact that has also had a corresponding rise in prices. prices as a consequence.

“We have raised our prices several times. Frankly, they are at embarrassing levels,” the CEO pointed out during his earnings call, where he was very blunt on the issue of current rates for his models, although He defended himself by referring to the impact that the company is suffering due to problems in supply, production and inflationsomething that is finally being reflected in the bill to the final customer.

The CEO points to the lack of supplies as the main culprit for the rise in prices.

During his speech, Elon Musk stated that he hopes this is something that will not last for a long time, since the estimate that the founder of Tesla has is that by the end of the year current inflation will have subsided. “I think inflation will decrease towards the end of the year. I am hopeful that at some point we can reduce the prices a little bit, ”she assured.

However, Elon Musk pointed out that inflation is only “a small culprit” in this rise in prices, since it mainly incriminates production problems and lack of supplies, since the demand for electric vehicles increases but the supply is scarce. Although he also sees a notable improvement in this aspect for the coming months, since they aspire to be able to manufacture up to 40,000 cars a week by the end of this year. This, coupled with the possible drop in inflation, could cause Tesla prices to decline in the coming months.

Despite everything, between the first and second quarters of this 2022, Tesla has manufactured more than 560,000 units, thus exceeding the figure reached in the same period of 2021. Currently, the North American company already aspires to exceed the almost one million cars manufactured in last year, and already estimates a possible annual print run of around 1.2 million models by 2022. Additionally, adjusted earnings per share for the brand was above estimates for the second quarter, something that may indicate a promising near future.

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