Tesla wants to improve its workshops: larger and more specialized and more workforce

Throughout the world many Tesla users complain about the after-sales service. After receiving numerous complaints about the treatment, the waiting time and the quality of the work, Elon Musk will strive to improve service centers, making them larger and more specialized. This has been confirmed by the CEO of the company during a meeting with the entire company. And that has not been the only novelty regarding assistance.

Earlier this week Musk announced that they were working to ensure that most customers who pass by the workshop have their car repaired in one day. Although many times they are simple and simple maintenance maneuvers, on other occasions the repair times are extended beyond what is due. This effort to improve the service will be accompanied by an increase in the size of the centers and in the specialization of the staff.

The problem has not only been the quality of the services provided, but also that the assistance centers have not grown at the same rate as sales. At the moment neither Tesla nor Elon Musk have communicated how they intend to do that. The intention is clear: to revolutionize the service and do it 10 times better than the competition. Although other brands that have similar or lower market shares than Tesla have many centers around the world, Tesla centers are few, so one of the first steps is to add more workshops.

Elon Musk wants to have “10 times better” after-sales service than the competition

All this has come to the attention of an employee concerned about customer service in after-sales. Musk himself commented on that question: “I think we still have a relatively conventional approach to service, although we use the car app.. We have better service than the rest of the industry, but I really want to see how we can revolutionize service and make it 10 times better than the rest of the industry.”

After collecting information from hundreds of thousands of visits to the workshop, Tesla believes that two-thirds of assistance can be solved in a single day, as long as there are the necessary parts for the repair. That is another of the weak points of his workshops, since on many occasions the waiting time to receive parts is excessively dilated. At Tesla they believe that with a good inventory and a better logistics process the problem can be corrected.

The hiring of more labor in the assistance centers is also expected, since the current one is well below the requested work. All this coincides in a week in which a European report has recognized the American company as the least reliable on the market, well below the Asian brands, which have established themselves as the most reliable manufacturers in the industry. Although Musk has acknowledged that all these enhancements will roll out to the US first, all changes will eventually go global over time.

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