Tesla wants to expand the Berlin Gigafactory and the project is already underway

It hasn’t been open for three months and the Berlin Gigafactory is already looking to expand. The pace of production continues to advance slowly, more than expected, but that does not mean that in the future, when the assembly lines speed up production, they will not need more space. The figures shuffle a production capacity of one million Tesla Model Y per year.

The point is that those responsible for the Brandenburg plant have been looking for locations adjacent to the factory for months to carry out the expansion. Currently, the Gigafactory occupies an area of ​​approximately 300 hectares, and the search for land includes an additional 100 hectares that will be used for different complementary activities that support the main lines.

It has cost Tesla more than expected to finish the construction of the German factory. The project has accumulated significant delays since the American directors did not have the convoluted German and European bureaucracy. Different environmental studies have been the main part of the delays, but finally, on March 22, the official inauguration of the plant was celebrated with the visit of Elon Musk himself.

Production line at the Tesla Gigafactory in Germany

The new expansion is already underway. As reported by the local newspaper RBB, planning began last week with the application submitted to the municipality. The project requires the requalification of the land for industrial use, something that had to be done previously when the main building was erected. Now all that remains is for Tesla and the Grünheide City Council to reach an agreement to be able to exploit the land necessary for the activity.

Having learned from the slow bureaucratic first stage, Tesla does not expect the rezoning of the land to take less than a year. Once that pothole is overcome, including new environmental studies, the construction and assembly stage would arrive, which could be delayed between eight months and a year depending on the various complexities that may be found. Namely, the enlargement will not be ready, if everything follows the normal pace of execution, for approximately two or two and a half years.

Meanwhile, the activity of the main plant continues its course, oblivious to any possible expansion. Tesla has ambitious plans for its first European factory. The production continues to progress, although some problems have not yet been resolved, mainly related to the revolutionary paint shop, which seems to be causing bottlenecks. Let us remember that Musk himself recognized that it is the most advanced paint shop in the world.

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