Tesla updates Model S and Model X with a rotating center screen

Usually, the improvements that Tesla introduces in its electric cars come from the hand of its wireless updates, a resource that it handles perfectly and that the rest of the manufacturers are beginning to use. However, the latest innovation that Tesla has included in the Model S and Model X cannot be updated in this way. In fact, the units that are currently delivered already have them. It is a rotating center display which allows it to tilt around its vertical axis to lean toward the driver or passenger side.

This new feature, which is operated directly from the car’s control software menu, improves the viewing experience. By implementing it, the manufacturer shows that it is committed to increasing the entertainment on board its electric cars, something that it has made a lot of effort in recent times.

From the Tesla Theaterfor viewing streaming videos up to tesla arcade, for network video games, the options have been increasing and becoming more than just another technological anecdote. In wireless updates it is common for new functions to be incorporated aimed at entertaining the occupants of the vehicle.

The new generation of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model Y includes a horizontal screen on the dashboard and a screen for the occupants of the rear seats.

Even in the latest restyling of the Model S and Model X, the manufacturer has designed the interior hardware of its cars to favor entertainment. In both cars, the classic vertical center screen of the first generation has been changed to a horizontal that favors the visualization of videos and games. He has also added a rear seat screen so that its occupants in this area can also enjoy the content on offer. Yes ok Tesla does not allow the playback of any content on these screens when the vehicle is in motion they do help to entertain the passengers and the driver, for example, in charging sessions.

Thinking about these moments, Tesla has included a new function for this central screen that can be seen in a video posted on Twitter by Larry Li. It is about the possibility of rotate the center dashboard display towards the driver or towards the passenger for easy viewing. In the video we see how through the car control menu it is possible to select the angle and direction to turn the screen. (At the beginning of the video you can also see how the front hood of the car can be opened using an electrical system that Tesla does not include, but rather is an extra external accessory to the options offered by the manufacturer).

While it’s unclear when Tesla started including this new screen in the Model S and Model X, the owner of the car featured in the video mentions that his was delivered during the last week of April. Presumably all units produced since then have this feature.

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